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Why Genericday?

Now a day It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy our Pharmacy Store offering all the medicinal possibilities for dealing with 100% Trust & Safety. Your happiness and success with our company is what we take pride in.

OFFER ZONE:  We are introducing amazing OFFER ZONE feature now you can buy medication in bulk by using Credit Card / PayPal account. Shipping is Available at US, UK, Australia & France.

What we do

We care about your satisfaction we make available a wide range order Prescription Drugs Online. After all, we also offer generic alternatives to most medication; online buyers can expect significant savings of up to 10% on your Prescription Drugs. All brands offered by Genericday are manufactured in approved by WHO (World Health Organization)

100% Quality Assurance

We focus on quality to not only enrich your life, but we want you to be happy and have better tomorrows! Stop worrying about ‘less than desirable’ prices or poor quality when it comes to the medication you are putting into your body. 

Our Area of Expertise

We spread smile: We spread smiles on the faces of the people who are battling unexpected medical ailments and are willing to withstand the impact of diseases by our medical assistance.

We offer the potpourri of options: We furnish plenty of medical options for our customers so that they can choose among the variety of drugs depending on their requirements and affordability.

Services of highest standards: We don’t hold our horses by merely offering the medical items, but we also believe in the credo of setting the highest standards in the industry.

Advanced Features

We reach your doorstep: Irrespective of your demography, regardless of the timing of the order; we make sure that we reach your door as early as we can.

We lend our ears: We have you as your bloodlines, you have us as ears. In case of any discrepancy, we ensure nicely investigated and timely-synced solutions, and more importantly, we lend them 24*7 through email and telephonic medium.

We are reasonable: Our fantastic services don’t make way for high-prices. We are reasonable and excellent at the same time.

Global Association

Well-recognized partners: We are associated with the leading global-manufacturers who excel in developing clinically-tested medicines for attenuating several diseases.

Unbiased Lens: As we view our partners with the unbiased lens, we are e-commerce home to small and medium-scale manufacturers whose drugs are also 100% FDA Verified medically approved.

Intense scrutiny: We join hands with the licensed partners whose all the drugs pass the three-way testing— the first test by the company itself, the second test by the third-party tester, and the third test by the FDA.

Distance with the counterfeited products: We don’t accept the false or counterfeited products which ultimately betray the trust of our customers.

Security Measures

Safe Packaging: We stash all our products in the environment which are safe for the medicines. With secure packaging and online tracking system, we build a sturdy security fence so that product reaches you safely with 100% Privacy Guaranteed.

PCI compliance: Our portal abides by the rulebooks of PCI. We don’t store your credential or card details.

Special Privileges

Schemes and promotions: We time and again encourage schemes and promotions so that our customers reap the advantage of our services.

Refund policies: We refund the whole amount in case of any issue relating to the quality of the product.

We don’t aspire to become a brand; we want to grow up as your friend who exchanges advice so that humanity is restored on the mother earth.

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