5 Appliances At Your Home Which May Do Disservice To Your Skin

5 Appliances At Your Home Which May Do Disservice To Your Skin

I can’t wait for ill-informed sophomores to blame the sun, the moon, the weather, the environment, the Hitler, the Nostradamus for degrading the quality of their skin.

How about peeping at our own mistakes?

Throughout the course, we rely on a lot of home appliances which, in and out, are threatful for our skin.

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They could be your favorite appliances.

So, let’s take a quick read through the listicle.

  • Air condition— the global favorite.

Who doesn’t like air condition?

We are at a phase where our lives would stall if air conditions get removed from our offices and homes.

And rightly so— they’re one of the best engineering marvels.

But the momentary pleasure from the air conditions may give you a lifelong skin problem.

With the overexposed skin to the cold air, you may lose the required moisture of it.

  • The lesser the moisture, the higher the dryness.

Dry skin may accompany unhealthy skin issues such as inflammation, itching, psoriasis, etc.

Hence, it’s imperative for you to keep the moisture level at check so that you enjoy the air condition without disrupting your skin quality.

  • Microwave— springs up the cancerous waves.

Nothing is more convenient than pushing a button and getting the meal ready in a few minutes.

Microwave has gained traction in almost all the houses, and it continues to be one of the preferred appliances for cooking.

However, after a lot of anecdotal studies, it got revealed that microwave may harm your skin.

Here’s the anatomy of its work.

As soon as you press the button, microwave releases the electromagnetic radiations which flicker more than 2,500 times in a minute.

Since the waves are non-ionizing, they pose a potential danger of skin cancer. [1]

Next time when you observe moles on your skin, don’t wait to analyze it because it may be the sign of skin cancer— thanks to the microwave meal which you slurped and burped.

  • Desktops— the master contributor.

Well, who’s to be blamed— Apple or Microsoft?

Jokes apart— desktops at your house throw the blue light— the same light which triggers the cortisol and interferes with our sleeping hormone— melatonin.

The continuous peeping at desktop exposes not only our eyes but the skin.

The long-term exposure to the blue light affects our skin in such a way that our skin feels the burning sensation, may become weak, and gives the early aging sign (premature-aging).

When the body releases more cortisol, the hormone may damage the capillaries of the skin, thereby resulting in the myriad of skin issues.

  • Cell phones— you can’t keep us out.

Even though we love cell phones more than any other appliances, we can’t keep it out of any listicle if it comes to affecting your health.

As mentioned in the desktop section, cell phones also eject condensed blue light which unsettles the standard code of skin.

But that’s not where it halts.

When you use cell phones in the day time, especially outside your home, they may reflect a high attack of UV rays on the skin.

When UV rays come in contact with your skin, they may directly affect the DNA of the skin cells.

Furthermore, they may also place the seed of skin cancer.

  • Chimneys are bad when you keep them bad.

Although chimney takes care of the exhaust at your place, if you don’t keep them cleaned, they may cause a lot of skin problems.

The untidy chimney has creosote— the hydrocarbon chemical which is dangerous for your skin and lungs.

Your skin is safe as long as you don’t come in direct contact with it; however, a small touch may invite skin irritation, and extreme rubbing may cause inflammation on top of that.

Just think of it this way— if a slight touch may give rise to such skin problems, how hard would it be for your lungs to inhale the toxic compound?

There’s no way we can get over these appliances because they are here to make our lives easy (which they do), but we can make sure that schedule up the usage time for diminishing the adversaries.