A lot of women live in fear that their husbands might lose sexual charm, and avoid sex.

The fear is legitimate because a vast population of men starts avoiding sex after a particular period of a relationship.

So, is it compulsory for every man to avoid sex after some time?

The answer is no; however, if the number is significant, there’s got be the reasons behind it.

So, let’s discover why your husband is dumping you sexually.


  • Your husband has created his virtual world through porn.

Although there’s no better feeling than having sex, a fair number of men establish their pornographic virtual world.

As they satisfy themselves through the warped-scripted porn, their expectations might surge up from you, and any discrepancy in meeting their expectations turn them off.

As a result, they start constraining themselves in the virtual world.

Moreover, porn addiction might induce anti-social attributes which would keep them away from any interaction with the world, and they will continue to script their happiness through porn.


  • Your husband gets commodiously occupied in his work.

What attracts your husband more— you or his occupation?

A great deal of men takes pride in working hard and staying idealist towards their profession.

They may consider their career as the ultimate mistress in their lives.

When they get overly-consumed in their work; promotions, appraisals, praises, etc. turn them on more than you can think.

It’s a condition where success subdues the urge of having sex.

Furthermore, if your husband takes great gratification in success, he might judge your success with his egoist-prism.

If you don’t meet his standards, that may turn him off and prevent him from indulging in sex.


  • Your husband is failing to direct his shaft.

Maybe your husband wants to enjoy sexual sessions with you; however, some sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction is stopping him.

Erectile dysfunction is a pandemic condition in men across the globe where they fail to raise their shaft (penis) during sexual intercourse.

Your husband may be one of those perfect patients who do everything right in the relationship yet fails to reap pleasure out of sex because of impotence.

Again, ED is caused by multifactorial reasons.

It’s your responsibility to discover the cause by establishing healthy communication with your husband.


  • Your husband isn’t getting enough of you.

For one time, it’s you and not your husband.

Yes, there have been cases where your lack of affection towards your husband kills his desire.

If you are too consumed in your cube of air, your husband will crave for your attention.

Over the course of time; the lack of attention fades the feeling, depletes the quality of the relationship, and might push him to look for alternative sex-source.

Hence, no matter how much you love your husband, if your actions don’t make him so— he will dump you sexually.

A spontaneous hug or kiss, or a surprising romantic setup might pay off well for your adult playtime.


  • Your husband is literally taking matters into his hands.

Your husband might have set his standards of sexual codes.

If you can’t meet his requirement, your husband takes the matter such as sexual desire, masturbation, and action into his hand— literally.

Your husband doesn’t look to compromise with his sexual fantasies, and he expects you to execute them.

Some men find masturbation an efficient way to sexually-relieve themselves as it involves no expectations, no dependency, just them and their fantasies.

If your husband relies on secret masturbation a lot, he might have pushed himself in the intense level of stimulation.

And if he is over-familiarized with your sexual attributes, it will be even tougher for you to stimulate him.


Time and again, if you fail to bring back your husband for sexual intimacy, you should look for expert advice from sexologists.