Depression is a mood disorder. A person feels sad and experiences a sense of grief or anger, feeling worthless that interferes with his day to day activities. The causes of depression are unspecified. Some may have depression due to sickness, some may have lost their loved ones that make them sad, and sometimes the reason for depression is unknown. This condition decreases thinking capability; decreases appetite and can lead to a variety of physical and emotional problems.

Depression is a complex disease. It may require a long treatment and snap out of this awful disease. It is not a weakness; some medical and physiological treatments can cure it. In most cases, people have no idea that they are suffering from depression. Feeling sad and low confidence sometimes is a normal part of life but if it is on a regular basis then treatment is mandatory. Some conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular disease worsen if the proper medication is not taken.

Depression in teens and children

  • Depression in teens includes feelings of sadness, worthlessness, low confidence, less interaction with fellow mates, ignoring social interactions, being lonely, and poor attendance in school and in academics. Study load in school academics and high competition in competitive exams are the main reasons for depression in teens.

 At an early stage, children should tell their parents or friends about their feelings or the patient's parents or friends should notice the abnormal activities and then talk to him/her about the condition. This can save the patient before the condition can get worse.

  • Depression in children is increasing due to study load or other reasons. Symptoms in children include irritation, sadness, anger, refusing to school, ignorance, being overweight, or crying a lot without any reason or on small issues.                                                                                                                             

Depression in adults

Depression in adults is very common. Most adults ignore this problem but this should not be done. This condition should be diagnosed before it gets worse. Some common symptoms in adults include:

o   Feeling sad most of the time without any reason.

o   Ignoring socializing

o   Suicidal thoughts

o   Memory difficulty

o   Loss of appetite

o   Lack of sleep

o   Headache and pain

o   Difficulty in making decisions

o   Problem in memorizing

Causes of depression

The exact causes of depression are unknown but some factors that cause depression are

Brain chemistry

In people who have depression, the brain imbalances the chemicals present in it, which manages the moods, thoughts, sleep, and appetite.

 Family history

Some people are habitual of taking tension and overthinking that may cause depression and then gets inherited to the next generation. People have a higher chance of depression if it is inherited. Depression is a complex disease, to avoid depression to pass to next generation, have proper medical treatment in your generation itself to protect you, future children, from this awful condition

Early childhood trauma

People in childhood experience certain trauma that affects or their future. It can be some unusual event that is still in the person's mind and is unable to recover from it. This type of situation is very bad because we may not know when the person will overcome this situation. This can be cured with or without treatment but the actual time is not known. The best way is to have proper treatment to avoid further delay.


Some medicines have depression as a side effect. You may have depression if you take medicine without proper consultation from your doctor. Always read the instructions before consuming any medicine. If you see certain abnormalities inform your doctor before conditions get worse.


Double-faced people and people who are jealous of others are most likely to face depression because they can't look at people above them and thus feel depressed after looking at them. A good personality is mandatory to have a healthy and happy life

Medical conditions

If you are a medical patient suffering from some disease, you are most probably to suffer from depression if you don’t have a positive attitude

Substance used

Some past usage of substances can have negative effects and lead to depression in the future. A lot of consumption of alcohol can also lead to depression.