Are Acne Scars Forever To Stay?

Are Acne Scars Forever To Stay?

What’s your biggest nightmare?

I used to fear acne right after a beautiful sleep until I realized that there’s something even more dreadful.

And that’s scars after the acne breakout— as if acne weren’t enough.

In the severe and chronic cases, even though you get rid of the pulpy-roundish acne, you are left with the scars which are there to stay— like FOREVER.

So, the question is— will the scars stay forever on my skin?

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The answer is yes— if it’s a result of the severe issue and you don’t get proper medical attention for obliterating it.

Obliterating it?

Yes, you heard it right.

The good news is— you can erase your acne scar if you wish.

So, without having you to wait for another minute and watch your perilous scar, let’s quickly brief through some of the methods for toning down the scars.

  • The Laser Method

Acne breakouts sometimes lead to skin inflammation.

Inflammation is known to increase the action of melanocytes— the cells which are responsible for producing melanin better known as pigments.

Melanocytes cells are the workers who love to stay late in the office and enjoy over-work when skin feels irritated, injured, or inflamed.

Their over-work leads to hyperpigmentation.

As the name is self-explanatory— the hyperpigmentation deepens the color of the skin than the surrounding skin which results in the clear visibility of them.

The visible pigments are nothing but the scars which have darker tissues.

The hyperpigmented scars were thought to be permanent until the discovery of Intense Pulsed Lasers or IPL technique.

The given technique deploys a concentrated beam of light on the scar so that the dark spot on the skin gets vaporized or destroyed giving it a new type of glow.

The added benefit of Laser treatment is— it also runs after the life of bacterias which make your skin unhealthy.

So, sit back and take a deep breath— here’s the ultimate scar hunter waiting after its life.

  • The micro-needling

Better known as collagen induction therapy, micro-needling could be the next best anti-scar treatment for your skin.

The skin with old collagen is prone to developing scars much faster than the surface with new collagens.

With the given treatment, the old collagen under the layers of your skin gets replaced with the new collagens.

The fresh collagens trigger the production of healthy skin cells.

And healthy skin cells automatically help you get rid of scars.

These collagens are micro fats which get injected through the micro-needles.

  • Photofacials

You may consider the Photofacial method as the combination of the first two methods.

The given treatment is carried out by concentrating the heat under the skin layers.

The heat is generated through the probe which is directly applied under the skin.

During the proceedings, it’s made sure that the outer skin is cooled down simultaneously.

The heat stimulates the micro collagens, thereby giving birth to the fresh skin.

The fresh skin bears better quality and scarless tissues.

In simpler terms, we use heat to burn off the dark tissue and wait for regeneration of the fresh and scarless skin.

  • Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers are like water on the tattered road— they both fill the scars.

The injectable fillers— also called dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is the perfect filling candidate who produces a plumping reaction on the skin, therefore leveling the scar texture with the texture of the skin.

Other chemicals like retinoids and glycolic acids are injected in the skin to prevent acne and acne scars respectively.

The acids make sure that the layers of scar tissues and cells continue to shed until the face looks evenly textured.

How about preventing acne from occurring for preventing acne scars?

Although it’s difficult to control acne on the oily skin, you may plan a series of things to stop the “oilification” of your skin.