Best Treatment For Long Eyelashes

Best Treatment For Long Eyelashes

The history has seen some of the desperate attempts for getting beautiful eyelashes.

Due to unsatisfied or falling eyelashes, people experiment with them, and some trample unimaginable-stupid lengths only to make wrong decisions.

Some resort to eyelashes implant where they removed hair from their heads and graft on the eyelids, while others try to glue fake hair on their lids.

The decision looks awful when we already have cost-effective remedies to get long curly eyelashes.

Everything in the world deserves reasoning.

Even your short or shedding eyelashes have reasons.

Once you address the reason, you can easily fit flexible solutions.

There are several reasons which contribute to your sparse eyelashes. Challenge those reasons, and get desired lashes.

Acute conditions like thyroid, allergy, Alopecia, Blepharitis, etc. are the main reasons why your eyelashes either don’t grow or are falling.

Let’s see how some of the practices in life can work as treatments for growing long eyelashes:

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Administering protein

The single strand of eyelash composes protein like fiber.

As it naturally has protein, it needs protein for growth.

If you don’t administer protein in your body, the body mechanism will compensate by distributing the protein from the hair follicles.

As a result, your eyelashes won’t have enough protein, and lack of protein would make lashes dry and brittle.

Protein-rich source: Beans, Dark leafy vegetables, Nuts, Oily fish, etc.

Vitamin intake

Lack of vitamins makes room for the magnification of Alopecia and Blepharitis.

They damage eyelashes follicle— a vital cell which regulates the growth of hair.

If you manage to prevent follicles, you will manage lashes fallout.

By supplementing vitamins like B, E, K to your diet schedule, you can create an ideal environment for lashes-growth.

These vitamins are antioxidant in nature. Studies have shown that antioxidant substances repair the affected follicles.

They also offer antifungal benefits to the eyelids which barre the fungus and bacteria from making dry and flaky skin (more susceptible to lashes fall out).

Vitamin-rich source: Spinach, Avocados, Sweet potato, seeds, etc.

Seeping minerals

Minerals are essential micronutrients which perform the myriad of activities— and one of the major events are hair and eyelashes growth.

Low iron content results in the declining hemoglobin.

As hemoglobin carries oxygen to the hair cells for growth and repair, its deficiency leads to lashes loss.

Seeping in minerals like Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, etc. manufacture and supply the growing conditions for lashes.

Mineral-rich source: Green vegetables like broccoli, lentils, dried fruits, brown rice,  etc.

Trusting fatty acid

Fatty acids are essential nutrients for lashes growth.

Many people have shared their personal experience describing how fatty acid has assisted them in having beautiful eyelashes.

Fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, Omega 9, and, Omega 6

They have emulsifying and moisturizing potency.

As an emulsifier, their role is to reinforce mixture between the ingredients which usually don’t mix.

As a moisturizer, their role is to soothe dry and irritated skin of the eyelids.

They are also known to enhance the blood circulation which encourages healthy eyelids and scalp.

Fatty acid-rich source: Poultry, sesame seeds, eggs, whole grain breads, durum wheat, etc.

Embracing Careprost

We don’t have uniform strains in our eyes.

The production of aqueous humor determines the pressure in the eyes.

If the production is beyond a specific level and doesn’t get space to get out, intraocular pressure causes eyelashes to fall.

Bimatoprost or careprost eye drop is an ideal solution for dampening down the eye pressure.

It’s a synthetic compound which makes way for aqueous humor to drain out yielding pressure-free eyes.

The use of careprost has escalated quickly because— it’s not an implant, it’s not a surgery. It’s just a liquid solution whose application is much more straightforward than you can think.