Can Water Improve Impotence?

Can Water Improve Impotence?

A normal erection looks pretty simple from the frontal view, but in actuality, it involves a lot of complex permutations and combinations in the background. You can’t get a proper erection without the pious balance of psychological, physiological, hormonal, neurological, and emotional factors.

But researchers are on their way in connecting one more essential link to your virility— and it is the link between hydration and erection.

What do they claim?

 -Dehydration plummets down the plasma volume and thickens the blood.

-Thick blood heats the body and reduces the overall performance of a person.

-It, in turn, triggers the moodiness and barres your mind from concentrating on arousal.

-The lack of water also barres your mind from maintaining the balance between physiology and hormonal factors, and your penile erection suffers ultimately.

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 The process of erection in an unaffected man

 a)   Penis has a sponge-like space (cavernous spaces) which is stuffed with the blood vessels

b)   Psychological stability and arousal compels nerve messages to stimulate the penis

c)    The Brain releases the impulse which results in the opening of cavernous spaces

d)   Space allows the blood to flow inside the area and high pressure causes erection

 The process of erection in a dehydrated person

 a)   Blood vessels in the cavernous space wait for the blood to flow

b)   Dehydration increases the viscosity of the blood and alters the speed of the blood flow

c)    Altered blood flow causes psychological imbalance and constant mood-transformation

d)   Moreover, dehydration is one of the primary reasons of vasoconstriction (the contraction of blood vessels)

So, the body neither has systemic blood flow nor does it have blood vessels in the normal condition.

It is also applicable to the blood vessels of the penis. They don’t get enough blood flow which naturally causes erectile dysfunction or impotence (in regular usage).

 The Lesson Learnt

If your sexual life is on the verge of getting destroyed by the erectile dysfunction, make sure that you do the basics right— as essential as keeping your body hydrated by drinking water and juice.

Another exciting investigation has revealed that overhydrated man is also prone to the erectile dysfunction.

It’s a tragic dilemma for men considering dehydration and overhydration both cause impotence. For a sufferer, to attain the perfect penile erection, he must manage the balance of water and salt in his bodies.

But we know, it is practically impossible for a common person to measure the amount of water, salt, and mineral contents in his body.

In addition to that, erectile dysfunction is a multifactorial issue. Several factors contribute to its magnification.

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 An easy solution

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