Careprost— The Best Solution For Growing Eyelashes

Careprost— The Best Solution For Growing Eyelashes

Do you belong to the same lot of women who aspire to apply mascara on her eyelashes, but end up getting disappointed due to her smaller eyelashes?

Are you tired of hearing— “long eyelashes are the symbol of beauty and you are miles away from that?”

Do you stay in a constant fear that you won’t be able to use eye curlers because of your shorter lashes?

Shed all your worries. The current century is aptly termed as a “cosmetic century.” The best feeling in the world is to feel confident and beautiful about oneself. And if you can’t feel enough, we have cosmetic products to satisfy your hunger to look however you want to be looked.

A lot of people may call an obsession for beauty a dangerous game. But we at Genericday think otherwise. We care your will to look different from everyone. We respect the choices you want to make.

It is the main reason why we have brought Careprost for you. We boast it as the best solution for growing eyelashes.

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 What is Careprost?

 Careprost, a generic version of Latisse, is a chemical compound which is characterized as a successful drop for treating Hypotrichosis— a condition which causes hair loss and reduced eyelashes.

 It is so rare that the worldwide prevalence is not documented yet.

 It has a compound name “Bimatoprost,” most commonly sold under the trade name— Lumigan.

How does Careprost resolve multiple issues?

 Careprost is special because of its multiple benefits. You can enjoy the virtuousness of it for several issues like:

  1. Inadequate eyelashes: Careprost is primarily marketed as a cosmetic drop for increasing the length, darkness, and thickness of the insufficient amount of eyelashes. It is effortless to use. You can pour the eyedrop on a clean ceramic plate, use your eyeliner to sweep the drop off the plate and apply it to the eyelashes. It might take 15 to 20 minutes to soak in, and you will be rewarded with the beautiful eyelashes in a few months. Whilst it is perceived as an eyelash developer, a lot of other medical-prowess gets covered.
  1. Ocular Hypertension: It refers to the fluidic pressure in the eyes. As a compound,Bimatoprost or its generic version, i.e., Careprost is a potent weapon against such strains. It increases the outflow of aqueous humour in the eyes. If your eyes feel hypertension, retort to this specially designed drop.
  1. Open-angle glaucoma: Glaucoma is expected to affect more than 80 million people by 2020. Taking such a massive number in the account, we can’t ignore the probable disaster it can bring to humankind. Since it may cause vision loss, we are in dire need of a medication which could challenge its prevalence. Careprost has shown the well-tolerated impact on the glaucoma respondents.

Things to do:

  1. The general advisory from the doctors prohibits patients from rubbing the eyes after usingCareprost.
  2. If you wear contact lenses, ensure that you remove them before applying. You can wear them after 15 minutes.
  3. Try to apply it to the upper lashes only. Avoid using it on the lower ones.
  4. Careprost presses its users to read the information leaflet before advancing towards its application.
  5. The dose of it strictly depends on the prescribed value given by your doctor.
  6. Know everything about the product before you buy. Take care of the counterfeit products as it’s a matter of your eyes

Do you feel empowered to have the best eyelashes in your circle? Are you ready to flaunt your curly lashes? Wait not! Buy Careprost online from your medical caretaker and partner— Genericday.