Diabetes And Its Precautions

Diabetes And Its Precautions

Normal functioning

Our food is made up of carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients like proteins.

These nutrients are broken down into the smaller parts which are further used by our body for general functioning.

Carbohydrates are broken down into Glucose which is absorbed into the


If there is a rise in the glucose level in the bloodstream, the pancreas secretes hormones termed as insulin.

The role of these insulins is to transport the glucose to our cells which are used in energizing our bodies.

In layman’s, you can draw an analogy of insulin as the key which opens the cell’s door and pushes the glucose in it.

Our bodies are designed to store excessive glucose in the liver and muscles which can later be used when the glucose level dips.

Diabetic Functioning

But in a diabetic condition, the body fails to secret the required amount of insulin.

The lack of insulin implies that there’s no key to open the cells for pushing the glucose in it.

Thus, the insulin deficiency leads to the higher glucose level in the blood level, and this condition causes Diabetes.

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Shake hands with exercise: While a lot of people wants to be friends with the physical activities, their laziness acts as the interrupting wall.

The perk of good exercises— you have the baton in your hand. You can regulate the seriousness of your disease at your will.

Specific exercises help you to lower down the glucose.

How: Physical training burns glycogen— a type of glucose stashed in the muscles. As you burn glycogen, the muscles attract glycogen from the bloodstream and fill itself once again. As a result, the overall level of glucose in the blood reduces.

Yoga is not far behind: It’s an orthodox form of exercises. You can consider every exercise as a derivation from it.

The unique postures and body movement has shown the probable impact on the diabetic body.

How: The different yoga postures talk about contracting the abdomen. The contracted abdomen stimulates the pancreas. The stimulated pancreas betters the blood flow in the body. In that event, body cells get fresh blood flow and nutrients for producing higher insulin.

Introduce diabetic diet to your mouth: Diabetic diet is a special diet for controlling the glucose level in the blood and minimizing the cascading consequences.

Natural Fibers like oats, millets, cereals, etc. and fats from seeds, fish oil, etc. may dampen down the danger of diabetes.

How: Healthy food intake shrinks the absorption rate of sugar in the blood. As the solubility decreases, the desired sugar level can be achieved.

Keeping distance with glycemic items: The items with high glycemic index mark significant threat for a diabetic body.

Items like sweets, fruits like bananas, mangoes, and grapes increase the volume of glucose in the body.

How: These items are rich in sugar and carbohydrates— the main culprits behind diabetes. Any attempt to stop them from getting inside the body prevents your body from the sugar attack.

So, stop eating sweet and giving bait to your body for glucose manufacturing.

Turning Your Head Towards Medical recovery: Apart from running through natural remedies, you may need medical rehabilitation under acute conditions.

Anti-diabetic medications like glimepiride work precisely the way a diabetic body needs for its defeat.

Resorting to traditional medical treatments may help you in maintaining the insulin level at a quick rate.

How: Glimepiride maximizes the insulin level secreted from the pancreas. The higher level of insulin automatically shoves the glucose in the cells.

The most important precaution of diabetes is to maintain balance in all the activities— whether you eat, exercise, or stick to medical treatments, nothing should be under or overdone.

Everything you do should follow a proper schedule.

So, tell us about your sugar level and how you get control of it. In case of any query, feel free to surface it on our medium.