When I was an adolescent, I always used to think about the dull sex lives of my parents. It kind of raised curiosity that why would they sleep separately without having to show sexual urges.

Moreover, when I was peaking my sexual desires, it always felt that how could anyone get bored with sex despite having a partner. I’d always breed the desire for intimate relationships and promise myself that I’d never get out of sexual touch.

Sex is an important aspect of human life, but it's important to understand that sexual desire or libido can vary from person to person and may not be a quantifiable entity that can be maintained daily. Without libido, the human body may not be able to experience sexual stimulation, making it difficult to maintain sexual activity throughout life.

For those experiencing issues with sexual performance, medications like Malegra 200 may be helpful in improving their experience. However, it's important to prioritize one's health and safety when engaging in sexual activities and to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any medication.

It's also important to understand that sexual desire can be impacted by various factors, including age, stress, and medical conditions. Taking steps to maintain overall well-being can also help support sexual health and libido.

The number of factors affect sexual desire, and getting over them might help us to restore our promises to ourselves.

Let’s address them to learn more about libido.


Physical factors

Sex is best enjoyed when you are physically fit.

The physical ailment and chronic disorders such as diabetic neuropathy, cardiovascular issues, and hypo or hyperthyroidism to name a few, alter the sex hormone in the body, and reduce the overall sexual desire.

Physical tiredness and exhaustion also add to the loss of sex drive.

For converting “Not tonight honey, I am drained” to “Let’s make love baby,” you shall introduce exercise, meditation such as Cenforce 120, and adequate rest before adult playtime.


Psychological factors


Psychological factors are as dangerous as physical factors when it comes to affecting the libido.

A fair number of people suffer from stress and depression which ultimately come down to the diminishing sex life.

Anxiety has earned a lousy stature in releasing depressive hormones— cortisol— the hormone which interferes with the sex hormone leading to the fallen sex desire.

The depressive hormone also disturbs the sleep cycle worsening the situation.

With less sleep and depressive symptoms, a person is more likely to avert sex because it would demand energy (which the person lags).

It’s not easy to overthrow psychological factors.

You should look forward to sharing all the details with your partner and try to find out the optimal solution which could work for both of you.

Psychological counseling and therapies also assist in opening up about the issues, and there’s no better way to fend off depression than to talk.


Masturbation beyond limits


Moderate masturbation can benefit sexual health, but excessive pornography consumption can create reliance on virtual experiences for pleasure. Going beyond limits in masturbation can lead to fatigue and underperformance during sex. Frequent masturbation can reduce overall sexual function. If your partner is addicted to excessive masturbation, open communication is crucial to address and stop the practice.

For sexual performance issues, Vilitra 20 with Vardenafil can help improve erectile function. Consult a healthcare professional before using Vilitra. Maintaining a balance, setting boundaries, and open communication are essential for a fulfilling sexual relationship. Enjoy the benefits of masturbation in moderation while avoiding potential negative effects.


The dying affection

A lot of relationships die a slow death due to faltering communication and lack of affection.

Warmth and passion among couples decide the intensity of sexual desire.

But factors like over-familiarity with the person, or a gradual decrease in passion or affection towards the person lead to the dipping sexual desire.

There’s no particular solution to this.

If there’s no passion and affection among the partners, they should either talk out straight and choose their ways or look for alternative methods like roleplay or couples pornography to enhance their libidos.

If it doesn’t work, there’s no point in sticking to each other as long as it’s not hurting anyone’s presence.


Understanding the sex drive is as difficult as understanding the big bang theory. Plenty of reasons may lead to averting sex; however, there’s no proper technique to measure what’s in the head of the naysayer.