Knocking The Bottom Out Of HIV-AIDS Myth (Part 2)

Knocking The Bottom Out Of HIV/AIDS Myth (Part 2)

Who’s more disgraceful— the person who’s battling HIV or the person who’s avoiding social contacts with the patient?

The way we are scornful about HIV patients— probably because it’s caused due to unprotected sex with multiple partners— we have got the license to mock them.

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And myths hovering over this overly-sensitive disease validate our license to scoff at HIV-afflicted patients for more extended period.

We have to get over these myths before we claim ourselves a loving creature.

So, let’s knock the bottom out of all the myths linked with HIV/AIDS.

  • HIV positive person shouldn’t marry.

If marriage is all about making babies and fueling the generation, yes, the patient shouldn’t marry.

Instead, he should adopt a child.

However, marriage is beyond producing offspring.

It’s about finding the emotional, mental, and sexual crutch in your partner.

If you are an HIV positive and you want to marry, you should— the only criteria for the wedding should be to stay honest with your partner.

HIV infection is to stay forever, and you can’t hide it for a long time.

Generally, HIV positive person finds love in another HIV patient; howbeit, it’s not a compulsion.

You are entitled to choose your partner, and if your partner is HIV negative, it’s your moral responsibility to blurt out the truth, practice safe sex rather than stealthing or condom-less sex.

Similarly, the non-HIV partner has specific responsibilities towards their own safety, the risk involved in intimacy, and everything about the treatment.

Note: You are also entitled to separate if you discover the HIV condition of your partner later.

  • Pharmaceutical companies have hoarded HIV medicines.

We love speculation, don’t we?

There’s this baseless speculation that pharmaceutical companies have successfully discovered HIV medicines; however, they have hoarded them so that they can earn with the current expensive medication.

The argument seems without heads and tails because these companies will earn more with cheaper drugs.

The cheaper drugs entice people to have medical check-up which automatically increases the number of the reported case.

And looking from the technical point of view, the companies could effortlessly patent their chemical and sell as per their desire.

So, it doesn’t sprinkle sense into the argument.

  • HIV spreads through sharing cutleries, blades, and toothbrush.

Honestly, if it were true, a lot of us would have had at least one HIV patient in our houses.

The life expectancy of HIV outside seminal, vaginal, blood, or milk fluid is very short— a few minutes to some days.

The cutleries like a teacup, glasses, utensils, at maximum, have saliva which when shared pose no threat to you.

Similarly, there hasn’t been any anecdote which proves the diffusion of HIV through the blade.

In the worst case, if the blade has a blood stain, it’s likely to turn hard (the environment which kills the virus).

Hence, sharing the blade doesn’t promote HIV; however, you may acquire other viruses.

The same goes with sharing a toothbrush as it doesn’t conduct the AIDS virus.

Again, you shouldn’t play with probability because low probability still denotes that you have a chance of developing it— no matter how narrow it is.

  • HIV enters into your body through fish pedicure.

I love breaking the myths, but after a particular time, each tale sounds closer to great imagination and creativity.

Here are some who fear that fish pedicure may spread HIV.

They believe that bleeding feet might inject the HIV carrying blood in the water which when contacted with other injured or wounded feet may transfuse the virus.

While the belief sounds creative and deserves claps for creative potencies, the odds for HIV-affliction is almost zero.

I am surprised that the fishes don’t get HIV either.

Again, the probability of not having it isn’t zero, so the risk of passing the disease still prevails.

However, with such a tiny percentage, you better dive into one of the nearest pedicure centers and relax.

Can you think of more creative myths revolving around HIV? Stay vocal in keeping your points so that the infected people have enough power to stave off the social stigma.