Knocking The Bottom Out Of HIV/AIDS Myth (Part 3)

Knocking The Bottom Out Of HIV/AIDS Myth (Part 3)

Perhaps, HIV/AIDS has to be one of the most dreadful diseases of the eighties and nineties as it induced fear of death and also devastated the social prestige.

Three decades down the lane, the fear of death has mellowed but we still cast a slur on social prestige, and there seems to be no improvement.

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There’s no way we could stop social denouncement of HIV patients unless we take the moral responsibility of surfacing the ultimate truth regarding it.

So, without any fuss or delay, let’s use our responsibilities constructively.

  • HIV affects young hipsters. Old people can relax.

If you link young hipsters and their likes with lots and lots of sex, you will find the correlation between them and HIV; however, the virus doesn’t discriminate.

It affects everyone who allows the virus to grow into their systemic circulation.

Old people do have sexual relationships as well, and if you think that they abstain from indulging in sexual sessions, you are living in a wrong paradise.

Yes, as the person ages, the chances of sexual disorders increase; howbeit, they are still prone to HIV considering the other active medium such as breastfeeding, blood transfusion, etc.

So, you can’t take a break from barrier (condom) if you are old because you are as susceptible to the disease as any young-sexually active hipster.

  • Deathbed is the ultimate destination.

Earlier in the late 80s and 90s, we didn’t have medical accessibilities for HIV, thereby most of the cases turned into severe AIDS condition which ultimately led to the number of deaths.

But over three to four decades, the number of deaths revolving around HIV has reduced significantly.

*Would love to give a grand salute to the recent advancement in the medication for HIV*

It’s outrageously stupid to think that with HIV, the ultimate destination is death bed because it isn’t.

The current medication suppresses HIV by 99% which ultimately raises the standard of living.

A lot of parts in the world where HIV/AIDS is seen as sex-related taboo, parents and family members deny medical treatment in search of lost honor and protecting their money; however, they should learn that their reputation lies in saving the patient instead leaving them to die a painful death.

Furthermore, HIV medication has got cheaper which means that you wouldn’t want to die without even trying it.

  • HIV spreads through the swimming pool.

The best part about HIV is that it doesn’t operate like cough and cold virus.

It means that it doesn’t spread with social contact.

HIV is too sensitive a virus to bear the heat, water, etc.

It loves nothing more than the host body; however, the question seems legit if you are in a notion that it may spread through the “bloody water.”

The injury or wound may pass the infected virus in the water which may further get in contact with the non-affected person, thereby causing the risk of HIV positive.

As good and positive the story sounds, the chances are low because water has other viruses and HIV can’t survive in the presence of such external viruses and conditions.

  • A person with T.B. and HIV can’t survive.

Since HIV affects the CD4 cells— the immune cells which swim around the body to check the infection and abnormalities— you are likely to get hit by other diseases and the most common one being Tuberculosis (T.B.).

T.B. is a bacterial disease which causes millions of fatal casualties every year, and it’s one of the most popular co-infection with HIV.

There’s a belief that people with HIV/TB can’t survive because the weak immune system can neither fight T.B. Nor repair HIV affected organs; however, that’s the half-side of the story.

Fortunately, T.B. is curable, and with the current medication taking leaps and bounds, HIV can be treated.

The situation is undoubtedly dicey as the doctors find it difficult what to treat first— T.B. or HIV because medication for T.B. won’t show any effect if you haven’t got a healthy immune system, and remedy of HIV will delay the treatment of T.B.

So, the key to treating both diseases is by maintaining the right balance of medication between the two.