Medicines For Curing Impotence

Medicines For Curing Impotence

Humans are the epitome of social hypocrisy.

For diseases like cancer, diabetes, and hepatitis, they display concern and social sympathies and on the other hand, diseases like erectile dysfunction face thorough giggle and humiliation in the public domain.

The contrasting take-on on the different diseases show the plaster-saint nature of us.

The day we start considering “impotence” as a disease, and not tag shame with it is the day we’ll come across more reported cases without having a fear of being labeled by society.

However, this doesn’t stop researchers from finding the medicines.

They are the silent crusaders who acknowledge the challenges and treat the disease as disease.

So, let’s check what all medicines have they found for not only battling the impotence, but also the humiliation.

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Description: It’s a chemical compound used in treating hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

Working: It relaxes the blood vessels in the genital causing better blood influx in the penis.

Traditional Medicine: Viagra is the most famous sildenafil.

Generic Medicines: Medicines like Cenforce, Silditop, P-Force extra super, Filagra, etc. are cost-effective sildenafil or generic viagra.

Cost: Viagra almost costs 30$ for 25 mg. Generic viagra costs less than a dollar for 25 mg.


Description: It’s a chemical substance deployed for treating hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

Working: It relaxes the muscles in the bladder and prostate. It widens space for the blood vessels to dilate. The dilated blood vessels in the penis carry more blood than the affected penis.

Traditional Medicine: Cialis is the most famous Tadalafil.

Generic Medicines: Medicines like Vidalista, Super Tadarise, Tadapox Tablets, Apcalis oral jelly, etc. are cost-effective Tadalafil or generic Cialis.

Cost: Cialis almost costs 40$ for 20 mg. Generic Cialis costs between half a dollar to a dollar for 20 mg.


Description: It’s a drug with potent effect on erectile dysfunction.

Working: Administering Vardenafil in the bloodstream allows organic molecule— cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) to smoothen the muscles and put it in a relaxed state. The relaxed muscles permit more blood inflow in the penis.

Traditional Medicine: Levitra is the most famous Vardenafil.

Generic Medicines: Medicines like Vilitra, Valif Oral Jelly, etc. are inexpensive Vardenafil or generic Levitra.

Cost: Levitra almost costs 60$ for 20 mg. Generic Levitra may cost anything between 1.5 dollars to 3 dollars.


Description: It’s an approved medicine for inhibiting erectile dysfunction.

Working: Its intake allows neurotransmitters (cGMP) to stay longer around the penis by preventing its breakdown in the body. The longer cGMP stays without getting broken down; better is the blood flow. 

Traditional Medicine: Stendra is the most famous Avanafil.

Generic Medicines: Medicines like Avana, Extra Super Avana, Avaforce, etc. are reasonably priced Avanafil or generic Stendra.

Cost: Stendra almost costs 35$ for 25 mg. Generic Stendra is available at paltry cost, i.e., 3 dollars.


Description: It’s a chemical drug with the phenomenal power of treating erectile dysfunction.

Working: It creates space around the blood vessels region by loosening up the tight muscles. Space gives blood vessels a chance to bloat for the displacement of more blood volume in the penis.

Traditional Medicine: Zydena is the most famous Vardenafil.

Generic Medicines: There’s no generic Udenafil because it’s one of the latest medicines with the latest synthesized compound in the market.

Cost: Per unit of Udenafil (100 mg) costs 17 dollars.

Note: All the medicines have their practice structure and effect. We recommend our readers and users to check the information leaflet before using the drug.

We also entice our readers to vouch for the words of their medical advisors.

You may place the options, but your doctors would ultimately decide what you need.