Reasons Why Your Husband Is Avoiding Sex (Part 2)

Reasons Why Your Husband Is Avoiding Sex (Part 2)

When two young couples marry, they have a dream to live— to stay forever with the growing passion, love, and sexual charm.

However, dreams don’t come true for all.

Some have to face early nightmares in their relationships because either of the two abandons their partner sexually.

In the previous section, we covered some of the vital reasons why your husband deserts you sexually.

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In the given piece, we shall further discuss few more reasons which stop your husband from drilling you.

  • Your husband has world-load of stress.

Trust me; nothing is as bad as chronic stress.

If your husband is miserably stuck in chronic stress— he wouldn’t feel like doing anything.

The stress hormone— cortisol— dips the concentration level, and snatches the working energy of the body.

As sex needs a balanced psychological and physiological status, the imbalance turns your husband away from sexual intimacy.

But that’s not the final nail.

The final nail in your sexual life is when your husband observes a loss of libido, sex drive, and a probable case of penile dysfunction— where he faces difficulty to get an erection.

The loss of sexual potencies might instill sexual-embarrassment which further aggravates your sex life.

  • Your husband is likely to kill you with his weight.

Jokes apart, it’s vital for you to check the difference between your weight and his.

If your husband is way too hefty for your body, or if you’ve been living through unsatisfied sex due to his massive belly circumference; your husband is prolly feeling the heat of performance anxiety.

Furthermore, if you have linked ungratified sexual session with his weight, he might develop emotional distress which will again impede him from having sex.

If you want a good sex life with your husband, you will have to make him feel good about his body.

His rotund body and your verbal trial could worsen the sex life and take away his sexual will.

Besides that, additional fat in the body reduce sexual desire (libido) and may become a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction.

  • Your husband gets surrounded by chronic health conditions.

Sometimes, it’s not extreme pornography, it’s not infidelity, nor the occupation.

Your husband is doing everything correctly for what he should do for a healthy sex life.

However, his body condition doesn’t permit him to enjoy the sex the way you or even he wants.

Maybe, acute body health with dangerous conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, etc. are degrading his sexual interest, and he doesn’t even know about it.

The excessive presence of glucose in the bloodstream hampers the smooth cardiovascular activity.

The poor cardiovascular health drops the sexual stamina, energy, and ability to last longer on the bed.

For some men, it may bring embarrassment.

Your husband may be one of those men who want to avert any variant of embarrassment.

These conditions also suppress sexual desire, and you can’t blame the intense level of pornography or masturbation.

  • Your husband is hitting the men’s menopause.

The term “menopause in men” left me open-mouthed for the first time.

The truth is— men also undergo menopause in which their testosterone level starts dipping.

If your husband ages between 40 to 60, there’s a great chance that he’s under the menopause phase (also known as andropause in men).

If he has turned from “someone who’d tear off your cloth as soon as you stepped in the room,” to “someone who barely notices you,” trust me— it has a lot to do with the diluted level of testosterone.

More than 97% of men have a dwindling sex life because of low-testosterone concentration.

If your husband is one— take a calm breath and accept the biological challenge.

If you want your husband to script great sex stories with you every day, watch couple pornography, talk out your issues, clear about expectations, and rediscover your personality.