The Life Of Sexually Active Couples (Part 1)

The Life Of Sexually Active Couples (Part 1)

If your sex life has turned broken or long relationship status has depleted, you should look forward to taking the positive energy from the sexually active couples because— if they can have a satisfying sex life, then why can’t you?

Isn’t it intriguing sometimes when your friends discuss active sex life, and you get a sudden jolt of questions such as “how did he manage to keep things hot in the bedroom?”

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To state lucidly, they have healthy sexual habits which are making them go gaga over each other despite being a part of the relationship for years.

Let’s talk about the habits of sexually active couples:

  • They don’t look for the perfect moment

Sex is something which gives maximum pleasure when performed impromptu.

The couples who enjoy active sex life don’t wait for the perfect moment for sex.

For them, all the situations are worth trying for the adult playtime.

There’s no concept such as “Oh, let the kids in the next door sleep.”

It’s the involuntary instinct which drives them to have sex frequently.

They don’t believe in “taking out” time for sex; instead, they believe in the “let’s have sex as if it’s the last time” principle.

Professional stress or physical stress, they ensure that they share every emotion with their partners so that they can cut down their problems and multiply their pleasure.

In short, the couples who love frequent sex focus more on sex and less on imperfect moments.

  • They are sexually selfless.

Most of the couples who love healthy sex life are selfless.

A good sex worths when both the parties get satisfied and reap immense pleasure out of the session.

They talk about each other’s limitation, they clear about each other’s threshold point, and they move an inch closer to each other’s sexual ideologue.

Some set intimacy standards by talking on the sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness.

It’s when both are in a “win-win situation.”

It’s when both of them meet at a juncture without hurting the ego, respect, or sentiments of the other.

Sex is not a mere act, but it’s also about selflessly listening to your partner’s desire and expectations.

It’s more about delivering to your partner’s expectation than looking forward to harvesting lone-worldly pleasure.

  • They have a relaxed understanding of oneself.

Before lovebirds show extreme love and affection towards their partners, they have an appropriate level of understanding for oneself.

They have confidence in their body— which makes them feel good about themselves.

The act of sex isn’t solely physical pampering, but also psychological stability.

The couples who rejoice frequent sex are very comfortable in their skin.

They don’t care about the color, shape, or smell of the body.

The meaning of sex in their dictionary is above all the cosmetic labels in the world, and they consider sex as a philosophical bond rather than a physical bond.

  • They trust their partners.

The couples often have to bear a lot of barriers which detriment their sex life; however, the pair who go a bundle on regular sex has one less barrier, i.e., trust.

Trust is one of the critical ingredients for a fantastic sex life.

As “s” and “t” reside adjacent to each other in the English language, “sex” and “trust” go in tandem.

You can’t fancy your sexual chances with trust issues.

The couples with a better understanding and a great sense of trust don’t get affected by external influences as they concentrate on having sex.

If you have trust issues with your partner, you should talk out your differences and take mature decisions.

These couples have worked hard to resolve their trust issues, and have come a long way where nothing could jolt their trust and sex life.

If you want to be a part of active sex life, start with building trust and making your partner comfortable.

The next step should involve clarity— of your mind, your partner’s state, and each other’s expectations.