The Life Of Sexually Active Couples (Part 2)

The Life Of Sexually Active Couples (Part 2)

As there is a saying “we learn something from everyone,” I look upon those sexually active couples who can lend me essential tips for improving my sex life.

And there shouldn't be any shame in accepting the declining charm of the sexual relationship because that’s when we get out of the denial mode, and that’s when we start the damage control.

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As we covered some of the important habits of the sexually active couples, in the given segment, we shall unearth a few more healthy practices which make these couples savor every millisecond of their sexual journey.

Let’s check what they are:

  • They don’t wait for the mood as they pounce on it.

The sexually active couples rely on their sexual strengths rather than the mood.

If one of the couples wants to get busy in the session, and others don’t have the equivalent mood— they know what their partners want before sex.

Enticing foreplay, a gentle massage, and a warm cuddle are the weapons which draw one of the partners in the mood.

So, instead of waiting for the mood to strike them, they pounce on the sexual spirit and try their best to fit in its atmosphere.

Their basic sexual credo “to hell with the mood” helps them to rejoice sex despite a busy schedule.

  • They don’t restrict sex to extreme sensuality.

The overly-consumed couples are humans, and their predictable sex life does fade their sexual charm.

However, they don’t let the sexual predictability to ruin their sex life.

Instead, they try something new— something funny and flirtatious.

Restricting sex to intense sensuality gives the repetitive feeling— and that’s where these couples train their brains to try something out of the box.

It’s about giving the unusual turn to the repetitive sexual story such as surprise bathroom sex or laughter sex.

  • They know what sexual conversation is

A lot of couples get distressed by a lousy sex life, and nothing but a poor sexual conversational habit is to be blamed.

The sexually-spirited couples know the importance of sexual conversation— and that is where they supersede those couples with dull sex lives.

They know what turns them on, and what dwindles their sexual mood.

And most importantly, they don’t keep it to themselves.

Instead, they share the same with their partners and enlighten everything about what and how they feel about sex or different sex positions.

Their sexual conversation is fluidic as they have comforting flow even if they have to discuss sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or sexual infections.

They mutually let each other believe that they are open to talks.

  • They love quick sessions.

A healthy sex session doesn’t have to be 30 or 40 minutes long.

The dynamic sex-couples love quickes as they manage to satisfy each other amidst busy schedules.

A five or ten minutes quickie sounds very passionate and hot, and they get an expert in it.

A quick sex session also enhances their confidence for the next session, and lowers the frustration if the desiring couples fail to get sex due to a busy schedule or guests in the house.

  • They take an interest in each other’s core values.

Sometimes, different core values barre couples from having sexual intimacy.

But the zestful couples acknowledge it and try to get accustomed to each other’s core belief.

Having the same interest, values, hobbies, etc. could make sex more fun because sharing an ideologue is sexy, and brings a great sense of commitment towards the partner.

It’s like grinding the like-minded partner.

Trust me; nothing gives as pleasure as grilling the person who resembles your persona.

If you are willing to join the list of sexually dynamic couples, follow the above bullets, and make your partner skim the same.

Start with removing the uncomforting walls with your partner, and flooring the beds of roses.