The Practices Which May Enhance Acne Inflammation

 The Practices Which May Enhance Acne Inflammation

In the world full of beauty-conscious minds, acne instills fear and panic, especially in the younger generation.

And that’s the initial sign of losing discretion.

Out of acne despair, we trample absurd lengths to get rid of them as early as we can.

The only problem with practicing bizarre methods is that they aggravate the acne which may further hit the skids of the quality of the skin.

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Let’s agree to the fact that we all have done this, and by the time we realize that we are wrong— it’s too late— either we have pulled out few more acne on our skin or dark and permanent-looking pigments.

So, here’s the cheers to some of the stupid practices which enhance acne inflammation.

  • Squeezing the life out of acne

It’s really ironical that we try to squeeze the life out of blackheads, pimples, and other acne symptoms.

Acne is already a layer of dead cells which continue to pile up until the acne plateau surfaces on your skin.

So, you can’t kill the dead.

Picking and squeezing the acne may further decay the quality of skin, thereby opening the probability of acne inflammation.

Furthermore, it pushes the bacteria well within the layers of the skin which when contacted with collagen create skin toxicity.

Collagen is the micro fat which is essential for healthy skin growth.

Whether you choke acne or not, you will surely choke these collagens.

  • Carelessness during washing and bathing

If you have oily skin, acne can’t wait to pop out on your skin.

Acne is an impatient and a hurrying chap who needs a pinch of a trigger.

As soon as it receives the trigger, it takes pride in being a part of your external body.

You are not supposed to be as hurrying as your acne.

When you take a shower or wash your face in a hurry, you end up in hitting the a-spot which might further the skin inflammation.

Out of carelessness, you may put the additional pressure or may rub the acne with more tension, therefore exposing yourself to the severe attack of it.

Next time, wash your face with diligence so that your acne could learn something from you.

  • The unwanted sleeping posture

Well, it’s not what you do purposely, but who’s to be blamed?

Even science research suggests that it’s best to sleep with back and knee support.

But some are habituated of graving their heads down in the pillow which generates the friction on the acne-stuck skin causing inflammation.

The bed and pillow also have germs and bacterias which may make your acne their new homes.

I know it’s difficult to manage the sleeping position because rolling on the bed is not under our control; however, you can train your brain to practice a few safe positions for keeping your skin away from the direct contact.

  • Battling with the Sun fearlessly

The only person to battle the Sun belonged to the Hindu Mythological tale— Hanuman.

If you think that you can combat the sun fearlessly despite having oily skin, you are digging your own grave.

The sun attacks with the arrows (ultraviolet rays) on everyone whether they battle it or not.

There’s a stupid belief that the sunlight is useful for treating acne and toning down the texture of scars, but that’s a disastrous remark.

In actuality, the rays from the sun make your skin darker around the acne and pimples, making them less visible or odd in the surface.

In fact, some of the anecdotes reflect that excessive exposure to sunlight may also lead to inflammation and redness in the skin.

The situation worsens because the sun also activates the melanocytes cells— the cells which work day and night to release the skin pigment.

With hyperactive melanin content, your skin looks darker and freckle-full. [1]

So, before you go onto fight off the sunlight, make sure that you are doing enough to fend off your acne by enhanced lifestyle and proper diet.