Top 6 Reasons For Acne Breakout

Top 6 Reasons For Acne Breakout

I believe in simple medical rule— “find the reason, address the symptom.”

It’s what you have to do if you feel ashamed to socialize in parties and corporate meetings due to acne breakouts.

Acne breakouts— as small as they look— as big a problem are they.

They not only cause skin inflammation but also lead the way for embarrassment.

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If you really want to get over skin inflammation and social embarrassment, you need to address six prime reasons which contribute to acne breakouts.

Let’s find them out before challenging their existence.

  • Hormones— the least you can do is leave them alone.

You can call acne hormonal acne if your hormones ignite its fire.

It’s the acne which sprouts out when you are into your teens— and the best way to get rid of them is by letting them work on their terms.

Maybe because they are very common.

It’s prevalent in 99% of the adolescent.

It typically springs out of nowhere when androgen hormone (mainly testosterone) takes a considerable dive in your bloodstream.

  • When your skin is an oil factory— set George Bush behind it.

If your skin is an oil factory, you are closest to developing acne overnight.

When sebaceous glands release too much oil through the skin, the pores in the skin may get clogged.

Pores are like ventilators— they help in circulating fresh oxygen and nutrients in the skin; however, excessive oil blocks these ventilators making it difficult for the skin to suck essential minerals.

Moreover, clogged pores love microbes, infection-causing organisms, and dead skin cells which ultimately pile over each other only to worsen the acne condition.

Washing the face twice in a day can control oil production— it’s like pushing George Bush to hunt some oil.

  • The skin products are your enemies— sacrifice your foreskin.

With love and caressing you get and keep skin products at your shelf; however, they might return the favor in the form of acne breakouts.

The irony is— what you thought would benefit your skin would actually further deteriorate the skin condition.

It can be the greatest enemy for your skin if it is sensitive.

Sensitive skin shows early irritable signs.

If you think that tinting your pimples may cover it for a moment, it might do more harm to your skin in the long run.

When you buy these products, apply them on the forehand in scarce and wait for the result to approve it for the facial skin.

  • You are as concentrated as acid— get the right balance.

Do you know that your skin has to be slightly acidic to maintain the quality (the acidic nature keeps the skin infection-free)?

The safe pH level for skin is usually around 5.5 which if not taken care may turn more acidic.

When you don’t take care of acid mantle of the skin, it slowly turns into the concentrated solution (not literally but good enough to cause inflammatory skin conditions).

With such conditions, acidic skin leads to acne breakouts which need correct balance to keep acne at bay.

  • You have dandruff, acne, and potentially everything.

Acne and dandruff are siblings.

They can’t live without each other.

When your scalp has a lot of dandruff, it’s wise to keep the hair away from your face and skin down the neck and shoulders.

As dandruff contains yeast and fungi; when they come in contact with the facial skin, they jam the pores, thereby making way for acne.

It’s why you’d mostly observe acne on the forehead of the people who have dandruff issues.

  • Your habits are to be blamed— change them.

If you are a chain smoker or can’t get over the love of alcohol; you may receive acne without warning.

Although the exact reason isn’t apparent; howbeit, researchers believe that smoke particles do choke the pores.

Again, the choked pores will create a possible environment for the acne to grow and bubble out.

When it comes to alcohol, they trigger the engine of oil-producing glands which secrete more oil on the skin which consequently causes an acne breakout.

So, how about changing your habits for better socializing?