What’s The Best Position For Feeling Real Sex

What’s The Best Position For Feeling Real Sex

If you think that the sex positions are nothing but a fad or a mere hype, you are missing the purview.

The sculptor and the ancient art lovers will tell you how the variety in sex positions meant creativity and healthy relationship.

You can judge the creativity of our ancestors through acrobatic sex statues of the Khajuraho or sun Konark temples on the land of Kamasutra.

But, what makes us talk so often about different sex positions for leading a healthy relationship?

Your switchboard near the bed will answer you. During night time, you don’t even look at the switchboard. You simply extend your arm and put it on or off.

Your brain learns the path of the switchboard effectively, and you can play with the switch without thinking about it.

Similarly, when we perform a single sex position regularly, our brains process everything at minimal stimulant. The muscle memory makes our mind find an easy way for intercourse without giving a thought. Over the period, the same sex plot can make us feel bored.

Hence, many experts emphasize to look at sex position as an art. Are you struggling to find your art? Let’s check some of the art which you can add to your bedtime for exploring the real sex:

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Asian Cowgirl

It’s the best position when you want your woman to dominate you. Also, when you feel lazy and want to relax, let your partner ride like a cowgirl.

In the Asian cowgirl style, lay on your back, and let your woman position her seat on your penis.

You can either generate an upward thrust for deep penetration or ask your woman to twerk while riding your shaft.

The weight of the downward force will result in deeper penetration and unforgettable time on the bed.

Camel Style

Many people consider it as a variant form of the famous doggy style.

Kneel your partner until her buttocks and heels meet. Put yourself in a kneeled position precisely behind her. Clasp her waist or hips and guide your penis into her.

It’s one of the good ways to go deeper. The significant thrust movement will be between your penis and her buttocks.

The solid upper body rewards you with faster penetration and more strokes (one complete cycle of in and out of the penis) in a minute.

The rawness, agility, and creativity make it look animalistic and gratifies the beast within you.

The butterfly position

If you want to be a sexual commander and make your woman moan at the loudest decibel, this is the position.

Lift your girl, make her lay on her back on the edge of the bed, couch, or any table.

Spread her legs like the butterfly spreads her wings. Draw yourself closer, grab her lower legs, steer your penis inside her, and rock her to and fro.

You will get the best vision of your partner moaning your name. The sight will make you go bonkers and add more energy to your performance which, in turn, assist her to the heavens of orgasm.

Sideways missionary

If you don’t want to experiment much and still feel the freshness, sideways missionary is for you.

The term is self-explanatory where the woman rests on her side and folds the upper leg towards the stomach, and bend lowered knee.

You have to castle her lower legs by bestriding and start infiltrating her vaginal zone. It’s an excellent slow technique to have fresh sex during pregnancy.

Sometimes, enthralling sex positions may put life to the rusty penis (Erectile Dysfunction).

If the fortune still doesn’t favor you, you can use Tadalafil or buy Fildena 100 mg and get over your erectile dysfunction boredom.

So, what’s your favorite position? Tell us about how you feel exploring different positions.