Why Is Sex Education Important For Your Child

Why Is Sex Education Important For Your Child

There are two types of the trait in a person.

The one which supports sex education

The one which opposes sex education

Sadly, the second trait is more dominant in the first one.

Majority of the people feel ashamed of sex education because of the perception that the word “sex” is a private phenomenon and anything related to it should echo within the chambered-wall.

Technically speaking, there were no sex education camps in the primordial and later history. Still, couples copulated, and population bettered.

It is not confined to teaching “how to have sex,” because even if you don’t educate your kids about it, they will learn anyway (due to the instincts), just like their ancestors did.

It is all about inculcating a sense of safe and precautious sex. It is about combating several health issues pre and post-sexual indulgence. It’s enlightening your kids about probable dangers, pros and cons, and sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction.

In a nutshell, it is about everything except the sex. The idea is to give comprehensive knowledge about menstruation, contraception, pregnancy, and sexual responsibility.

So, instead of considering it is a taboo, start contemplating it as an essential weapon which could blast off the major issues of the society.

 Here’s how your confidence in sex education will change the change the society for better:

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Improves the hygiene of the society: Lack of knowledge about puberty and insufficient accessibility to sanitary accessories have devastated many developing and underdeveloped nations [1]. It’s said that “a woman’s hygiene is the main pillar of the world’s hygiene.” Sex education starts with “how healthy ecosystem we set for our women.” Educating them about menstruation, handling menstruation, and respected diet lays the firm foundation of it.

Prevents from the radical threat: Although the AIDS-related deaths are reducing with time, as much as 5,000 HIV cases are reported every day [2]. Sex-schooling can let the children know about the advantage of contraceptives in preventing HIV and having safe sex. Teaching them about important acts like circumcision and their impact on HIV AIDS can lower down the number of reported cases every year.

Alerts your child: Pedophilia is a sad reality. Almost 20% of girls and 5% of boys are the victims ofchild sex or child abuse [3]. For centuries, clergies and anti-social elements have coaxed and exploited children sexually. Youth between 14 to 17 are most prone to such sexual attacks. Sex education alerts your children about the odds-on of sexual risk and induces them to step up during threatful circumstances.

Apprises about sexual responsibilities: With the surging abusive relationships and marital rapes [4], it’s our moral duty to understand the vitality of sexual responsibilities. Sex education entices everyone to respect the consent of the partner. It promotes an interactive and consensual relationship between the couples. It also gives way out to the unplanned pregnancy.

Some of the facts suggest that sex education is conditioning your brain. The more you keep it hidden, the more intrigued will be your child. The fascinated mind could propel them to advance in the wrong direction. So, it’s better that we guide them in the positive path before it’s too late.

Gives strength to vocalize:  Sex education gives you the power to vocalize about your underlying sexual issues. Medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, PCOS, etc. go unreported due to the education-deficiency and fear of humiliation. Education hands over the strength to put your problems on the social podium more confidently.

So, when do you plan to educate your surrounding? We call every sex-educator as superhumans because it’s not easy to touch those fences considering them the electrified ones socially.