The worst part about any disorder is we try to collect hope from anything and everything available for the treatment.

That goes exactly the same with the Erectile Dysfunction.

So far now, oral medications and mechanical pumps have worked well in fighting the adversaries of erectile dysfunction; however, a lot of men fail to observe any positives from the drug and excitedly rummage methods which could actually uproot the problem.

Some find it in medical herbs, some in nutrient supplements, and a few rely on Acupressure.

Although Acupressure belongs to the pseudo-science category, a fair segment of people believe and medical researchers think that it could really change the way we perceive impotence and the medications related to it.

As erectile dysfunction is caused by a series of factors including reduced blood flow, diseases like diabetes, stress, etc., Acupressure— the self-medication therapy could play as an immense aid for treating it.

Let’s check out some of the acupressure points which could give you enough strength to overcome impotence.


Bladder 23 and 47

Popular name: The Sea Of Vitality Points

Location: There are five lumbar vertebrae in the human body— each cluster to form spine and the lower back. Bladder 23 and 47 are situated between the second and the third vertebrae.

How it prevents ED: There’s a considerable amount of people who develop impotence due to infertility. The irregularity in sperm ejaculation might instill psychological pressure in them— aggravating the ED condition. Acupressure therapy on the mentioned two points enhances fertility, sexual energy, and betters the immune system.


K1 (Kidney 1)

Popular name: Bubbling Springs

Location: The point is located at the center of the foot base (sole).

How it prevents ED: Reduced blood pressure is the primary cause of Erectile dysfunction. As the vessels of the penis have small cross-section area, even before your heart gets affected by the high blood pressure, your shaft vessels are impaired. Pressing the point at both the feet help with better blood flow in the penis— the normal functioning of the penis.


Bladder 27 and 34

Popular name: Sacral Points

Location: They are called Sacral Points because they are located in the Sacrum— the triangular-shaped bone situated at the lower back (tail of the spine) and made from the infused vertebrae over the span of 15 to 30 years in adults.

How it prevents ED: The points as mentioned above regulate the lower Jiao— the area which includes kidney, intestine, uterus, testes, and genitalia. Sometimes, the pain and inflammation in the lower Jiao impedes blood flow in the penis— ultimately causing erectile dysfunction.

As inflammation disturbs the erection, Acupuncture on the points bladder 27 and 34 help in muting down the lower body pain. The reduction in pain and inflammation automatically increase the blood influx in the penis.


Popular name: Conception Vessel 4

Location: Group your four fingers. Put them beneath the belly. The point which you reach is CV4, i.e., the lower abdomen.

How it prevents ED: The stated point assists in overpowering two contrary ailments— impotence and spermatorrhea (the condition characterized by excessive involuntary ejaculation.) Putting pressure on the lower abdomen with the middle finger of the dominant hand is believed to dilate the blood vessels in the body.

The pressure generates the energy which ensures fluid retention in the body. With better fluid retention, the body tends to have healthy cardiovascular activity. And we are aware of the fact that cardiovascular actions affect the penile function significantly.


Acupressure is a time-tested method for treating erectile dysfunction; however, the rate of effectiveness varies from body to body.