Kissing is often considered as the first point of sexual intimacy between the two people.

It’s a blissful action.

But it’s not limited to making you feel good.

As good as it feels, it’s an activity which has multitudinous health benefits on your body.

Probably, it’s the only activity which gives you pleasure and healthy life at the same time.

Hence, we should be looking to kiss more often than we do— because who knows, we can prolong our life-expectancy and enhance the quality of life with it.

Let’s go through some of the surprising health benefits of kissing:


Boosts the metabolism

Faster metabolism is a sign of a healthy body.

If your rate of metabolism is worsening your health, before hitting the gym, you should sit back and give your partner a passionate kiss.

The passionate kiss might burn two calories in a minute and could inflate your metabolism rate twice.


Subdues the stress

Stress is one of the primary reasons for dilapidating several relationships.

It’s a prime psychological reason which triggers sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction.

A good kiss can subdue stress.

A kiss filled with passionate charm releases oxytocin hormone— the love hormone— which battles the stress hormone— Cortisol— for fending it off.

Keeping kissing in an extensive foreplay exercise, your body might do well against issues like erectile dysfunction.


Toughens the immune system

It sounds astonishing, but kissing has shown a probable impact on strengthening the immune system.

Some of the studies have indicated that kissing empowers people to fight Cytomegalovirus— a common herpes virus.

The excessive saliva in the mouth can hamper the effect of germs like bacteria and viruses on teeth and gum area.

Thus, rolling tongue over each other keeps the germs at bay and enhances the body’s defense system.


Stitches happy stories

A lot of people fritter their time in consulting psychologists in search of happiness.

As the cases of depression steep up, we try every permutation to seek for happiness.

But again, there’s no guarantee that you’d find the happiness.

You can surely mold your depression and stitch your own happy story by kissing your loved one.

Kissing releases endorphins and dopamine hormones— the happy hormones which please your mental state.

Moreover, depression also contributes to a lack of sexual desire and loss of libido.

And anti-depression medicines do no good for your sexual health; in fact, it brings more complication.

If your partner has depression, your saliva— stuffed with testosterone can boost her sex drive.


Stimulating sex session

Kissing is often considered the first step towards sexual intimacy, and for good reason. It has been said that the quality of a kiss can determine how satisfying the sexual experience will be. Women, in particular, are known for their intuition when it comes to gauging the potential of a relationship based on a first kiss.

In fact, kissing is an essential component of foreplay and can greatly enhance sexual pleasure. When two people kiss, they exchange sexual hormones that can increase arousal and drive.

For those experiencing issues with sexual performance, medications like Cenforce 100 may be helpful in improving their experience. However, it's important to prioritize one's health and safety when engaging in sexual activities and to always consult with a healthcare professional before taking any medication.


Deviates your concentration from pain

Body pain is one of the leading physiological causes which snatches the desire of having sex.

To suppress the pain, we give our bodies enough narcotic morphine— the analgesic agent.

But it has its side-adversaries.

Moreover, people who are contraindicated to take painkillers don’t have any other option to let go of their pain.

So, if you are distressed by pain, start kissing your partner.

Kissing secretes endorphins which have stronger analgesics or pain killing properties than narcotics.



How does kissing improve oral health?

Kissing can stimulate saliva production, which helps cleanse the mouth and prevent tooth decay.

Can kissing help reduce stress and anxiety?

Yes, kissing triggers the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and reduces stress hormones like cortisol.

How does kissing strengthen the immune system?

Exchanging bacteria during kissing may boost the immune system by increasing exposure to different germs.

Does kissing help relieve pain?

Kissing may reduce the perception of pain due to the release of endorphins.

Does kissing promote longevity and a longer life?

Some studies suggest that individuals who kiss more frequently may live longer.

How does kissing impact the release of bonding hormones in couples?

Kissing, particularly passionate kissing, can stimulate the release of bonding hormones like oxytocin.

There’re a few more kissing benefits which we’d keep for the next section; however, frequent and long kissing improve the relationship ties between the couples.


Hence, you should look forward to kissing your partner more often than you do— not because of mere pleasure but also for leading a healthy life.