Accumulate the entire earth’s population on a piece of the island (if there exists an island big enough to accommodate the whole planet), and ask what’s the most pleasurable activity.

Now, imagine billions shouting “sex” spontaneously at high decibels.

Such is the pleasure of sex, and such is its reach.

There are very few activities in the world which bring joy and health benefits at the same time— and sex is one of them.

If you are a frequent sex-lover, congratulations— you are fitter than most of your friends.

Assuming you as the kinkiest person in your circle, let’s decode all the health aspects in which you step-up much ahead in comparison to your contemporaries.


You have a fantastic immune system.

Maintaining a healthy sex life can have a positive impact on your overall well-being, including boosting your immune system. Research has shown that regular sexual activity can enhance the natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties in the body, helping to keep you healthy and fit.

For those experiencing issues with sexual performance, medications like Vidalista 40 may be a helpful option. However, it's important to prioritize one's health and safety when engaging in sexual activities and to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any medication. Don't let last minute health-drama cancel your plans, prioritize your health by taking care of your body and enjoying a fulfilling sex life.


Your blood pressure is stagnant.

You also don’t hail from the category who continually complains about the irregular falling and surging of blood pressure after physical indulgence such as trekking, swimming, etc.

The regular sex controls your blood pressure as it’s a type of aerobic exercise.

The orgasm has earned a reputation in releasing oxytocin in the body which lowers the blood pressure. 


You walk miles ahead.

A trip with friends gets irritating when you are willing to trample distances, but your friends call the day too early.

The secret of your non-tiring attitude is frequent sex.

Sex is an excellent form of exercise which improves cardiovascular activities.

With better heart-activities, you feel less tired in comparison to your friends, and there’s no phrase like “Not today! We shall cover the next spot tomorrow.” 


You wake up fresh without pain.

Trips can be tiring and painful; however, you’ve got your form of natural medication— and it is sex.

Your friends wake up too tired the next day while you wake up so fresh that you think of covering the itinerary the day itself.

Sex is natural anti-inflammatory medication

Frequent sex releases oxytocin and endorphins which tone down the pain and stress in the body. 

In women, sex can block pain in legs and menstrual cramps.


Your sleep cycle gets sorted.

You are definitely not the person who grumbles about sleep the entire next day of the trip, unlike your friends.

And why would you?

You have slept well, your pain has disappeared, you are fresh, and everything is in its place. 

Try to avoid Cenforce 200mg medication or Sildenafil pills for sleep well.

Your sleep cycle is well-aligned with your trip schedule because frequent sex enhances the melatonin secretion— the sleep hormone which induces sleep.

With the quality of sleep, you justify the purpose of the trip.


Your brain gets empty.

Do you get frustrated because your friends bring stress with their baggage on the trip?

Rightly so— trips are meant for enjoyment which demands a stress-free vacation.

However, your habitual sexual session makes your trip stress-free and memorable.

The continual-indulgence releases the chemicals which decrease the secretion of stress hormone— Cortisol— and gift you a brain-free trip— the trip to remember.


You have control over your bladder.

The repeated urge to pee is the most irritating part of any trip.

I am pretty sure that your friends waste a lot of time in searching the restroom while you have excellent control over the bladder.

Some also develop incontinence.

The periodic sexual events hand you tremendous control over the pelvic muscle and save you from incontinence. 



How often should couples have sex to reap these health benefits?

The frequency of sex needed to reap health benefits can vary among individuals and couples. There is no specific number, as it depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Regular sexual activity, based on mutual consent and satisfaction, can contribute to overall well-being.

Can solo sexual activity provide similar health benefits?

Solo sexual activity can provide similar health benefits as partnered sex. The benefits may include stress reduction, improved mood, and enhanced self-esteem. However, the specific benefits may vary, and it is important to prioritize personal comfort and safety.

Are there any risks or precautions associated with sex?

Like any physical activity, there are potential risks and precautions associated with sex. These may include the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the importance of using contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy. Open communication, consent, and practicing safe sex are essential.

Can sex improve fertility or reproductive health?

While sex is not a guaranteed method for improving fertility or reproductive health, it can have positive effects. Regular sexual activity during fertile periods can increase the chances of conception. However, if you are experiencing fertility issues, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider.

Do the health benefits of sex apply to all age groups?

The health benefits of sex can apply to individuals of various age groups. However, certain factors such as overall health, medical conditions, and medications may influence the specific benefits experienced. It is important to consider individual circumstances and consult with a healthcare provider if needed.

Next time, plan out the trip with friends who love sex as much as you. Not because it’s fun to have it, but it’s more about enjoying the journey with the like-minded personalities— and healthy friends make the trip worthy.