'Your destiny is in your hands.'


This couldn't be truer.


Your hands play a vital role in your life.


You probably wouldn't be reading this today if it wasn't for your hands.


But making things more comfortable in life isn't the only thing your hands do.


There is much more to your hands.


Your hands say a lot about you.


It gives a hint to the world, at least to the one who understands, about the kind of a person you are.


They reflect your personality.


They illustrate your character.


They tell about you even before you open your mouth to speak.


And that is why keeping your hands clean and tidy is a must.


Keeping your hands well maintained with skin care and nail care is imperative.


It gives a boost to your personality and speaks well of you.


But how do you combat aging?


The hit of time and age never spared anybody.


Wrinkles, sagginess, etc. come to you naturally and swiftly.


And before you know, it is too late to care.


Most people come to think about only the face; because that is what they believe is essential.


The result, well, is a mismatch of the well-maintained face and overlooked hands.


So how do you keep your hands looking beautiful with age?


Fillers to the rescue!


When your hands lose volume, a filler can be injected into your hands to replace the amount of tissue lost due to aging.


Fillers are sure to keep your hands looking good by lowering wrinkles, restoring the volume and enhancing elasticity.


Let us tell you more about the type of fillers:


- Calcium Hydroxyapatite


This component has high coherence and flexibility which makes for a fantastic filler.


Calcium Hydroxyapatite is a commonly used biocompatible inorganic filler.


It is also known to boost collagen production in your body.


Calcium Hydroxyapatite is often used as an independent filler or sometimes used in combination with a local anesthetic called lidocaine.


Being vicious and flexible, it gives a significant volume to your hands and amalgams perfectly with your bones and tendons.


It takes about 8-10 months to finish the process.


Using Calcium Hydroxyapatite as a filler may result in some minimal side effects such as burning sensation, tenderness or edema


- Hyaluronic Acid:


Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in your body.


But with time, there is a decrease in its amount.


Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for giving elasticity and thickness to the dermal tissue.


And when the amount of Hyaluronic Acid lessens with age, the elasticity and the thickness is lost giving rise to the need of injecting it artificially.


When Hyaluronic Acid is injected in the skin, collagen formation is intensified in the under-layers of the skin.


- Autologous Fat Injections


This type of filler method is a little different.


In this method, fat from any other part of the body is harvested first and then injected into the hands.


In some cases, fat is first extracted and frozen.


Then the frozen fat is thawed.


And then after thoroughly and cautiously treating the fat, it is administered into the hands as a filler.


This procedure is a little complex as compared to other methods.


In this method, there is a risk of lumps appearing where the fat has been injected.


This may sometimes also lead to an uneven, rough surface of the hand.


With this method of filler, there is also a risk of infection and edema.


So here are the ways you can take care of your hands.


You may imagine your hands as beautiful and young-looking as you please, but it is of importance that you choose a skilled, experienced surgeon to carry out this process.


So, what about you?


How has aging impacted your hands?


And how do you keep your hands looking young and beautiful?