Erectile dysfunction or ED is a very common sexual disorder that affects millions of men around the globe. Studies suggest that there are over 30 million ED cases in the USA alone and this number is expected to go up very fast in the upcoming years. This is because of the stressful lifestyle that we are living nowadays. Most of us have to sit on a desk job for 8 hours in front of a computer screen. This is very stressful for the human body and it affects cardiovascular health negatively.

A man is said to be suffering from ED when he can't get or keep an erection stable enough for pleasurable sexual intercourse. In most cases, the erection doesn’t last for as long as you want or aren’t hard enough for your liking. ED is probably the most common sexual disorder with over 30 million men suffering from it in the USA alone.

Struggling to get hard in front of your partner during an intimate moment can be a very embarrassing situation. Moreover, the social stigma around sexual health has preconditioned our minds in a way that we link our performance in bed to our manhood. Some of the common causes of ED are mentioned below.

  1. Lack of exercise.
  2. Low testosterone production.
  3. Unhealthy diet
  4. High levels of stress
  5. Anxiety and depression.
  6. Relationship issues.

Facing issues with the erection as you grow old is very natural and should not be a cause of concern until it is affecting your sex life. In which case, you must seek expert medical advice. There are various treatment options available for ED, but it is not compulsory to directly jump onto medications and testosterone shots. You might be suffering from a mild case of ED which can be easily solved by making small changes in your lifestyle. Your aim must be to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones. Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Meditate more and do yogic exercise. Be more active physically or play your favourite sport every day. There all are small changes but their effects will pile up and you will feel surprising improvements in your erection health.

If you are facing a severe case of ED, you will have to opt for other treatment options. Men usually don’t prefer going for testosterone replacement therapy because the risk of side effects is very high. This makes ED medications the best way to deal with erection issues.

Cenforce 150: It’s prescriptive medicine 

It is the medicine prescribed by doctors for the treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. This medicine sildenafil citrate as an active drug that belongs to the family of PDE type 5 inhibitors. Cenforce 150mg helps in improving erection hardness by inhibiting the enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5. This enzyme is involved in the softening of erection.

How Cenforce 150 works?

Let's not discuss complicated medical terms and try to understand the mechanism of action of this medicine in a simplified manner. Sildenafil citrate helps to get a hard and stable erection by ensuring proper blood supply to the penis during erection. It also induces a relaxant effect on the muscles of the penile region which insurance proper is an influx of blood in the penis during erection. These two factors collectively e insurance proper filling of flood and help in giving a stable erection. Along with this sildenafil citrate also can improve your sexual desire by stimulating the production of testosterone in your body and improving your semen quality.

Side effects of Cenforce 150.

 It is a very safe medicine that has been on the market for a long time. There are no major side effects linked with the use of Cenforce 150mg Tadalafil in therapeutic doses. Although mild side effects like headache and nausea are seen in some cases, they are temporary and go away in a few hours. If you want to avoid getting any side effects, you must keep these things in mind.

How to take Cenforce 150 (Sildenafil)?

  • This medicine is usually taken empty stomach with a glass full of water. A minimum of 30 minutes must be maintained between the sexual activity and dose administration
  • You must avoid alcohol consumption if you are planning to take this medicine because alcohol nullify the effect of the drug and make it less effective
  • If you are already taking medicines like nitrates that can potentially interact with Cenforce 150 inside your body you should avoid taking it
  • You must avoid taking Cenforce 150 you are already facing cardiovascular disorders or GIT ulcers. This is because breathing in 150 can interfere with blood circulation and make the situation worse
  • Never take an overdose of this medicine otherwise you will have to face a condition of long erection which will induce pain in penile muscles.