I loved the fad of chewing gum in the early 80s.


The guys would chew it to showcase their style and impress women; women would chew it because— I don’t know— it just tasted good.


Anyway, do you like chewing gums?


Here’s the bad news— your continuous habit of chewing gums could affect your penis.


Well, even though there’s a fair distance between mouth gums and penis; when it comes to erectile dysfunction— it can spring out of nowhere.


The catch is— chewing too much “boom boom boomer” may snatch your “bang-bang” abilities.


Do you still have a doubt?


Let’s check out how chewing gum is poisoning your penis slowly.


It causes IBS-related erectile dysfunction.


Although it may taste sweeter and work like the ultimate mouth cleaner, it’s an illusion.


Chewing gum is that perpetrator who looks and tastes good, but is secretly weaving a plot against your sexual functions.


One of the reviews suggests that chewing gums lead to Gastrointestinal problems which include chronic issues such as indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). But that’s not the complete story.


The story ends where the other study indicates that irritable bowel syndrome increases the susceptibility of erectile dysfunction.


The study demonstrated that IBS raised the probability of erectile dysfunction by 2.6 times.


Think of diseases like gases— it diffuses in random places.


First, it initiates with the gum, then it reaches the stomach, and slowly it diffuses to the penis.


Whether you connect the dots or not— diseases are meant to connect the dots where they steadily advance into the different parts of the body like a chain reaction.


Can you think of giving up on chewing gums to protect your stomach and the related-erectile dysfunction?


One more thing— chewing gums don’t spare women too.


The same IBS is known to reduce the sex drive and sexual urge in women.


It causes gum-diseases and impotence.


Not all chewing gums are made to deteriorate your health.


If you really want to chew gums, go for the sugar-free substance.


Sugar-free chewing gum may work as a replacement for the toothbrush.


Furthermore, they have shown the minute but potential benefit against the plaque in the gums.


However, the sugared chewing gums are bad for your over health.


Chewing gums may make way for gum diseases.


When it comes to sex, your oral health may devastate your sex life because that’s the kind of lifestyle you chose.


In one of the investigations, it got revealed that oral health has so much more to do with your penile erection.


The poor oral health leads to inflammatory disorders which may also destroy the arteries in the penis, thereby affecting the erection.


I am pretty sure you don’t want the inflamed teeth and sex life at the same time.


Its coating is no pure.


The attracting point of the chewing gums is their coatings.


The coating is made up of Titanium Oxide— the molecule whose toxicity exposes you to the dangers of autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Wish it had stopped here.


But unfortunately, it doesn’t.


Autoimmune disease and cancer such as bladder cancer may cause erectile dysfunction in men.


When the autoimmune diseases turn severe, they may damage the arteries of your penis making the blood flow really difficult in the penis.


Similarly, cancer and cancer treatment have attained notoriety in making erectile dysfunction a successful reality.


The continuous jabbing of the jaws also causes a headache which changes the sexual mood and prevent the sexual session.


The relentless chewing also intensifies the probability of migraine, and the study depicts that headache and migraine negatively affect the sexual function in men. 


Can chewing gum cause erectile dysfunction?

There is no direct evidence that chewing gum can cause erectile dysfunction.

What factors are known to cause erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors, including physical, psychological, and lifestyle-related issues.

Does stress and anxiety play a role in erectile dysfunction?

High levels of stress and anxiety can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

What is the role of medication side effects in erectile dysfunction?

Some medications can have side effects that include erectile dysfunction, such as certain antidepressants and antihypertensive drugs.

Are there age-related factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile function tends to decline with age, but it is not inevitable and can often be improved.

Can performance anxiety contribute to erectile dysfunction?

Yes, performance anxiety can create mental barriers that make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.

I know a few kids who force their parents to buy expensive house items so that they can enjoy the free chewing gum giveaways.


Are you one of those kids who’d still go for chewing gum without sparing a thought about your penis?