The pleasures of sugar have lifted the spirits of many a soul.


It is a delicacy that is indubitably hard to resist.


Most people, if not all, fall prey to the luscious yet ambiguous allures of sweets.


You’d be surprised to know that the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths in 2012 was Diabetes.


Diabetes has been an adversary of humanity for a long time now.


It was first discovered in 1500 B.C by a Greek physician Aretaeus of Cappadocia who named it ‘Diabetes,’ which means ‘flowing through.’


Today, it is likewise astonishing to know how the treatments of diabetes have evolved.


But still, even after all the technological advancements in the treatment of Diabetes, people often reach an impasse over the callous disease of Diabetes.


There are myriads of symptoms of Diabetes which helps you dragonize the disease.


Here are a few of those complications.


You can’t get enough of water


If you are incessantly thirsty even after drinking a lot of water, this can be an alarming sign of early Diabetes.


Diabetes is infamous for arising in a person, an ever-longing quench of water.


Frequent passing of urine


A small symptom this, it can be easily overlooked by any.


But it is one of the most primary symptoms that signal diabetes.


You covet for food betters any other desires.

If you crave food more than ever before even though you’re full, you are possibly at risk of suffering from Diabetes.


If you feel like eating all the time, way more than regular food proportions, it can very well be a symptom of diabetes.


You start becoming slim, miraculously.


People go hard on the weights to lose weight.


But if you start losing weight without any efforts, miraculously, there is a likelihood of you having Diabetes.


Things get blurry

One of the terrifying symptoms of Diabetes is a blurred vision.


If not attended on time, it may lead to partial or complete vision loss.


 Fatigue and exhaustion will take their toll on you.

Whether you have just woke up from a sound, comfortable sleep, or you are merely doing no physical work whatsoever, Diabetes will make you will feel tired all the time.


Your body’s automatic repair lags.

A healthy person’s body heals itself if any physical injury or any sores take place.


But with Diabetes, the instance is contrary.


A body of the person who has Diabetes will take long periods to heal.


Even a sore like an ulcer will take time to heal, let alone significant injuries such as a bone fracture.


Your mood swings will even shock you.

A mood swing can be confusing sometimes, even to yourself.


A diabetic person will have frequent mood swings which will lead him/her to a state of confusion and into a vexing mood.


 Flawless skin a far-fetched dream.

People who have Diabetes are often known to contract various skin infections.


Their skin is continuously under the influence of some of the other skin infections making the skin unhealthy and rough-looking.


You will have a bizarre, fruity breath.

A breath smelling of fruit or acetone is the eeriest symptom of Diabetes.


If you smell fruit or acetone in your breath, repetitively, you need a Diabetes check-up


Ticklish feet and numbing hands must alarm you.

Cold feet is a clear sign of Diabetes.


Diabetic people are usually known to feel numbness or tickle in their hands and feet.


Goodbye beloved fair complexion

Remember those stretch marks on your body?


Or perhaps, your fair, spotless skin?


Well, if the creases on a person’s body or any other part of your skin start to darken, it is certainly a sign of diabetes.


It is just an infection; nope, you’re wrong.

One of the most misleading symptoms of Diabetes is Nausea.


People are often left in disguise as they treat Nausea with over the counter meds.


Nausea is a simple yet strong sign of Diabetes.



What are the common symptoms of diabetes?

Common symptoms include frequent urination, excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss, increased hunger, fatigue, and slow wound healing.

Why do people with diabetes experience increased thirst and hunger?

The body's cells cannot effectively absorb glucose, leading to a feeling of constant hunger, while frequent urination can cause dehydration and increasing thirst.

Why is slow wound healing associated with diabetes?

Diabetes can affect blood flow and the body's ability to repair itself, leading to slow wound healing.

What are the long-term complications of uncontrolled diabetes?

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to serious complications, including heart disease, kidney disease, vision problems, neuropathy, and more.

What is prediabetes, and are there symptoms associated with it?

Prediabetes is a precursor to diabetes and may not cause noticeable symptoms. Blood tests can identify prediabetic conditions.


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