Sex life is like water; it finds its way to slip out of your hands.


Sometimes psychological reasons and many times physical factors make way for sex life to reach beyond your touch.


But you can catch it if you know the correct method to freeze it and get hold of it within your palms.


Massage is one of the methods which gives you the power to grip your sex life and tame it as per your sexual animality.


Nothing feels as good as having a massage, but did you know that feet massage could bring in the rainbows in your dull and dark sex life?


There’s something addictive about massage, and it’s not just about feeling good about own physical self but also the psychological facet.


Let’s discover how feet massage might elevate the standard of sex.


It domesticates your stress and its related sexual disorders.


Stress is not a problem unless it turns untamable.


When it takes the unbridled stature, it reduces the quality of sex life.


Stress deploys the stress-hormone— Cortisol— to interfere with the “feel-good” mood which ultimately detriments the sexual cravings.


In some of the reviews, it’s also examined that stress puts a considerable burden on testosterone production, thereby limiting the sexual fantasies.


In the worst cases, the stress has shown the probable effect on penile by causing erectile dysfunction.


But you can make yourself free of stress and the related sex syndromes by getting a feet massage by your partner later in the day.


Massage is for taming stress to what food is for domesticating the violent animal.


It ensures that your body has enough dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin hormones— the hormones which take you to the virtual yet beautiful beachside with the softer music and peace of mind.


These hormones come together to combat depressive symptoms as well— the mental disorder which stops the brain from sending sexual signals and responses.


It pushes the blood in the circulatory system.

The tiring and stressful day could make it difficult for your blood to run smoothly through the circulatory system.


It’s not a hard rule, but it may also affect the blood circulation in the penile region, thereby picking you up as another impotent patient.


But feet massage and pressure on the perfect points can enhance the blood flow in the body including the penis.


Medically, your body feels tired when your muscles start producing a lot of lactic acids.


When you take up the massage, you literally squeeze and flush aside the lactic acid from the muscles which, later, sinks into the metabolic waste and gets out of the body.


Some of the doctors recommend to get the prostatic massage because it may induce a pleasurable feeling in men; however, you should take special care because vigorous rubbing may lead to other issues.


It activates the sleep hormone.


You must be quizzical that if massage activates sleep hormones, how does it positively paint sex life?


Well, here’s the explanation.


The unhealthy circadian sleep rhythm may hamper your sleep cycle.


There is ample evidence which proves that “a man would die much faster with the lack of sleep than the lack of food.”


It basically brings us down to the essential thing which a human body requires, i.e., sleep.


The disturbed sleep routine doesn’t let you enjoy sex and gives a hard punch to your sexual desire (libido).


When you resort to feet massage at night, your body starts producing the “sleep hormone” better known as melatonin.


Some couples use feet massage as the ultimate weapon for morning sex.


Their algorithm is quite sorted— exchange the feet massage, get good sleep, and bang on early in the morning.


When you can’t receive the feet massage

It’s not necessary to get your muscles squeezed by your partner.


  1. If your partner is out of the town, or if you don’t have one; you should visit the local spa parlor.
  2. You can also visit the nearest acupressure zone where they’d play with the right acupoints for inducing sexual urge.



Can foot massages really revitalize a dull sex life?

Foot massages can contribute to better intimacy and satisfaction, but they may not be the sole solution for relationship issues.

How can foot massages enhance intimacy in a relationship?

Foot massages promote relaxation, communication, and physical closeness, which can lead to improved intimacy.

What role does relaxation play in reigniting a lackluster sex life through foot massages?

Relaxation reduces stress and anxiety, which can be barriers to a satisfying sex life.

Can regular foot massages lead to an increase in sexual desire and arousal?

Regular physical contact and relaxation from foot massages may contribute to heightened sexual desire.