The quest for reliable sources of medication for treating erectile dysfunction has taken a pace.

The pace has rightly uplifted— considering the number of people affected by the impotence, and the ratio of the population which is receiving the treatment.

Despite plenty of medical options like Viagra and Penile pumps, a lot of men fail to report their disease— thanks to the fear of public humiliation or unawareness of sexual hygiene.

Whatever may be the reason, herbal support could mean that they can get the proper treatment for ED without having to disclose their problems to the doctors or even their family members.

Let’s give this write-up a look-see to find herbs which could enhance the penile function and help in getting rid of low sexual confidence.


Red Ginseng

It’s the root of the plant— Panax. It has its historical origination from Korea, the United States of America, and mainland China. For centuries, it has been used as a folk medicine; however, the current science has very little inference to judge its potency.

Key Role

Ginseng, on the whole, is used to enhance the overall health of the body. The root has shown high intent in toughening the immune system of the body and help in staving off stress and anxiety. The specific Ginseng, i.e., the Korean and Chinese Red Ginseng has a probable effect on erectile dysfunction and blood pressure.

Research: Despite bleak study on Red Ginseng, a minute portion of 1995 clinical evidence suggests that the herb has Saponin— a substance that increases the nitric oxide in the blood. The research showed that the respondents with ED had the rigid penile function, thick girth, and increased libido. Although there’s not much science to support the purpose, a little discovery could bring out a significant breakthrough in fighting erectile dysfunction. A study later conducted in 2014 proved that Saponin reduced the oxidative stress and smoothened the muscle cells in the penis which enhanced the blood flow in the genitals.


Red Ginseng supplements

The red ginseng supplement is derived from the root itself. You have no other food source to receive it. Under indicated conditions, it is very safe to use; however, dosage beyond the limit might lower down the melatonin hormone— the hormone which induces sleep. Hence, you may suffer insomnia.



It is derived from the bark of the African tree. It is advocated as a crucial medicinal supplement in the market which improves the sex drive (sold as an aphrodisiac).


Key Role: Yohimbine is used to attenuate several medical conditions and overall health of the body. It is primarily known to clear the path of blood in the arteries for a seamless flow. As the given alkaloid has nitrogen as one of the major components, it is believed that it promotes nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxides are the natural vasodilators— they relax the walls of the blood vessels and make room for more blood to flow. As a result, many organs including the penis receive better blood influx.


Research: There’s not much conclusive evidence which proves the efficacy of Yohimbine as a potent drug for treating impotence; however, almost a 20-year-old test suggest it as a potential therapeutic option for treating ED. It presses on the use of it more than the placebo due to lower cost and ease of administration. Another recent research calls it a vital libido enhancer.


Yohimbine supplements: It’s not available in any other food. One has to get its extract from the Yohimbe tree. The unconstrained use of the supplement might cause acute disorders like insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, and possibly mild hypertension.