Estrogen— the hormone which takes the responsibility of making a woman a woman.

It’s like the testosterone of women— the sex hormone which defines the sexual desire, psychological mood, etc. in females.

It also shapes secondary sex characteristics like wider hips, bloated breasts, armpit, and pubic hair.

Basically, it gives attractive facial and body features.

However, women don’t possess the copyright of estrogen alone.

As men ages, with each passing year— the level of testosterone dips and estrogen surges.

Men do need Estradiol estrogen for the regulation of the sexual function and sex drive but in the limit.

As they get older, the estrogen hormone becomes the dominant hormone. The excessive estrogen suppresses the testosterone level.

The process of Testosterone conversion into Estrogen gets carried under the supervision of the Aromatase enzyme— an enzyme better known as estrogen synthesizer.

Interesting fact

Sexagenarians (men of 60 years or beyond) have higher estrogen levels than postmenopausal women.


The unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle increase the overall fat in the body in comparison to the muscles.

Several conducted studies have proved an association between the increasing level of fats and estrogen development in both women and men.


Symptoms and precautions of high estrogen in men


Bloating: The high estrogen lead to increasing hips and thighs in women. Similarly, a high volume of estrogen in men lead to bloated circumference in the belly and abdominal area. Probably, this is the reason why obese men have a high estrogen level.

Precaution: Weight reduction reduces the estrogen formation in the body. Weight loss is about fending off the fats from the body. Hence, low fat is directly proportional to the lower estrogen level.


Engorged Chest: As women develop engorged breasts with bulk estrogen formation, men also face the same consequences. Although women are highly susceptible to breast cancer due to estrogen content, 1% of men are also likely to get it. The engorgement is not a result of fat deposition. Male breasts get much rigid and protruded.

Precaution: Rely on organic produce. It’s believed that pesticides disrupt male hormones like testosterone and leeway space for estrogen production. Wash natural diet before you have them.


Erectile Dysfunction: 

As men age, their bodies may naturally produce less testosterone, which can impact their sexual desire and ability to achieve an erection. When estrogen dominates the testosterone level, it can be challenging for men to overcome this condition without proper treatment.

Medications like Cenforce 200mg may be helpful in improving erectile dysfunction and enhancing sexual performance. However, it's important to prioritize one's health and safety when engaging in sexual activities and to consult with a healthcare professional before taking any medication. Hormone therapy may also be an option for those experiencing low testosterone levels. It's crucial to address any underlying health issues that may be contributing to the problem and to seek appropriate treatment to support overall well-being.

Precaution: There are plenty of natural means to get back the testosterone level; however, the older you get, the difficult it is for you to tone up the scale. Today, therapeutic exercises like Aromatase inhibitor and testosterone replacement therapy successfully inhibit the estrogen production in the body which ultimately affects the erectile dysfunction.


Female-like feature: To all those who despise transgenders, they probably have no idea about the estrogen contribution. A man who feels like a woman releases more estrogen than the man with a healthy testosterone level. With such features, men may get permanent impotence and dead sexual desire with women.

Precaution: Medical industry provides a lot of estrogen-inhibiting supplements. Supplements such as DIM, choline, milk thistle, taurine, Calcium-D-Glucarate, etc. remove estrogens from the body. Several studies on respondents have indicated that calcium-D-Glucarate diminish the serum estrogen quantity by 23% and estrogen receptors by a massive 48%. Given the numbers are significant, one may look to find ED treatment indirectly.


Yes, it is an uphill task to cure high estrogen, especially when it strikes at the older age; however, you can take effective measure to manage it so that it doesn’t create chronic conditions.