Human nature is very predictable— they somehow sseek a comfort zone in everything they do— including myself.

But our comfort zone might be steadily poisoning us— and we are not even aware of it.

Why do I say it?

Well, over a while, we develop some of the habits which comfort us for a while, but in the long run, they have lethal impacts which we fail to see them coming.

That’s pretty much the same scenario with eyelashes.

Instead of blaming chemicals, mascaras, etc. for affecting our eyelashes or the shedding hair, we shall become wise enough to take the responsibility for our mistakes.

The moment we gain the sanity for distinguishing our good and bad habits, the very moment we protect our eyelashes from getting damaged.

Let’s change these habits so that we can stop our lashes to divorce the eyelids.


  • Show the same energy in peeling off mascara...

Bring the very energy which you put in for painting the mascara when you have to remove it off.

Yes, you are tired after a hectic day, but channelizing 5-minute energy for removing it might stave off the chances of lashes weakening.

Being a thick coat, mascara usually settles dry on the lashes after sometime.

With dried mascara, your lashes get brittle and dry.

Moreover, the weight of mascara on lashes could add pressure on the roots making the skin unhealthy and prone to easy breakage.

The choice is entirely yours— the comfort of five minutes or long lasting beautiful lashes.


  • ...And the excitement while rubbing makeup

The excitement which most possesses while wearing makeup is not the same while undoing it.

With makeup, their eyes feel itchy, and they yank out their hands of the pockets to rub it.

I have also seen people who rub eyelashes out of laziness.

They come home, they rub the makeup without adequate techniques, and go to bed.

That adds to the lashes fall out.

The traditional method for removing makeup demands you to keep the cotton pads or wipes in the eye region and let them soak in the chemical for you.

Trust me; they’ll reduce the itchiness more than your fingers.

Again, the ball is in your court.


It’s about how you want to deal with the problems despite having to give up comfort.


  • And kill off the procrastination while applying waterproof mascara

There’s a new product in the market— the waterproof mascara— as if mascara wasn’t enough to dole out eyelashes from the eyelids.

The traditional mascara has a fair bit of issues in comparison to the waterproof mascara, i.e., it doesn’t last as long as the latter one.

The women who find it irritating to use mascara time and again, they prefer waterproof mascara.

The women who seek comfort in waterproof mascara are harming their lashes more than the women who chose to stick to the conventional ones.

Waterproof mascara can dry your eyelashes more than the general mascara— making way for more troubled eyelashes.

Once again, let your rational conviction decide what makes more sense to you— the ever stuck waterproof mascara or your lashes.


  • And buy some patience.

To make your lashes look beautiful, you will need to have one.

With false eyelashes, you may look beautiful, but you are adding a significant amount of pressure on the eyelids.

I understand that it’s difficult to break the urge of using long eyelashes; despite that, if you plan to use it, make sure that you have patience good enough to not pull it out with force.

Pulling with force is an easy way out, but it adds sufficient pressure to break your eyelashes.