Sexual dysfunctions have been a taboo for every person who has had sexual encounters.


It is difficult for people to commit and to accept it.


Yet, sexual dysfunction cannot be avoided.


People of all age, of course, ones who have reached the maturity to engage in sexual encounters will hit a phase in their lives wherein either they have reached a saturation point to engage in sexual activities or will face some kind of inability to arouse themselves when participating in one.


In either case, it is essential to seek for help.


Self-diagnosed treatments to "cure" sexual dysfunctions might not be helpful in the long run, and hence it is advisable to seek professional help and remove any problem that might hinder the experience.


It has been established that 43% of women face sexual dysfunction and there are several reasons behind such a problem. But, nothing is incurable through medical procedures.


Here is a list of issues women might face during sexual interactions:


Matters related to orgasms


 Most women have problems related to orgasm.


 Orgasm is essential when it comes to intercourse for a woman, although there are women who would like to believe otherwise and that depends on one's perspective.


Sexual problems might arise when one is unable to have orgasms, even after the right stimulation and arousal.


There can be two situations


The first one is when an inexperienced woman is trying to engage in sexual relationships, they can find it challenging to have an orgasm.


This can be caused due to lack of experience or the underlying fear and anticipation involved while having sex.


This is not severe, and one can attain orgasm with time.


The second type is when one has had orgasms but fails to reach orgasm even after being aroused to the right proportion.


 This can be due to several factors:


  • Previous experience which might not be pleasant
  • Preoccupied mind
  • Mood swings
  • Not the kind of effective stimulation that is required for one to reach orgasm.
  • Issues with arousal


To be aroused during sex is a prerequisite to have a good time.


 Sex cannot be mechanical and involves emotions which might require for one to invest their time and essence in the act of having sex.


There can be women who might find it challenging to gain arousal, and that is a problem that can affect one's sexual health.


Lack of desire can occur for the following:


a. Drug use or alcoholism;

b. Trauma-related to previous experiences;

c. Depression or specific mental condition which is not permitting mental stability;

d. Hormonal disorders;

e. Medications that might affect mental stability;

f.  Relationship issues;

g. Mood swings;


Pain during sex


Vaginal spasms can cause immense Pain during sex.


 Muscle spasms around the vaginal area are known as Vaginismus, which can be caused due to childbirth or episiotomy.


 It can also stem from various other mental reasons which include the fear of getting pregnant, infection/pain or medical conditions and even issues like relationship problems can cause the muscles around the vagina to spasm.


Menopause might also be a cause


 Due to the drop in oestrogen level and the fact that the vagina can dry up, sex can be painful post menopause.


The drop in oestrogen level can also cause the fall in the arousal for a woman.


If one is facing any such condition, it is imperative that they seek medical attention.


Sexual problems cannot be treated with home remedies, because this kind of treatments will only provide immediate solution and allow such problem re-occur.


Sex therapy is although not spoken of, but is essential under such circumstance because this is where an expert will try to resolve the issue which can either be a mental condition or a medical condition. It is essential to understand if one needs medication or needs support to cure a condition through therapy.