Sex can be an intimidating process, if not done right.

What is the right way?

Certainly there isn’t one.

But there are few things which might trigger a positive vibe and bring about a whole new dimension to the sex life, one could only imagine.

First, sex is awkward.

Second, sex can be hard to manipulate.

Third, sex is very difficult to understand.

Climax is not the ultimate result, if not done right. So, let’s take a look at six simple steps that can boost your sex life.


Spontaneity is the key


Spontaneity on the other hand makes one less prepared but allows one to enjoy it more.


Anticipation can kill the mood because:

o   A. one might not be able to perform in a certain way;

o   B. it makes the process very robotic

o   C.  performance issues for the one with the ones with the anticipation.

Hence it is always advisable to make spontaneous decisions and keep protection handy.


Shave and pay attention to your intimate care

No one wants to find their way through your privates, when you have reached a certain state of mind.


Foreplay is supposed to be the arousing factor and sex is supposed to allow one to reach their climax.


But in between if one has to go through a mess of a pubic hair, it can lower any desire to have sex.


Furthermore, with pubic hair being a hindrance, your genitals might not have the utmost sensitivity which will only help in the process.


Being excessive shy or coy can kill the mood

There will be anticipations (to a certain extent) and there will be a lot of things going

on your mind when you are trying to have sex, but being shy will not help you or your



Experimenting and asking is the best process to be followed.


If you do not experiment, you will never know what might turn you on or for that 

matter your partner and if you don’t ask or tell, there will be communication gaps.


Figuring things out in sex is a tedious process and will only make you miss out on the



Thus, if you have concerns about the pleasure points, comfort factor and what are the

strict no-nos for your partner, ask the question and be vocal about yours.


Eliminate the “guess” factor and get down to having a pleasurable moment.


Explore the Erogenous zones

One cannot hit the jackpot at the first opportunity, because erogenous zones work in different ways for different people.


This is where speak and ask factor comes to play.


Each person will be aware of at least 2-3 erogenous zones for themselves that has an

immense impact on them and thus should you not be able to crack the code at the

first go, ask for what turns one on.


There will be other zones, which you will figure out when you are actually having sex,

because that is how it works.


Explore them as much possible and understand what each zone does to the other.


This understanding is extremely important as it will allow you to know what sequence

and rhythm are critical to have sex and you can mix it up when you want.


 Lingerie: The feel good factor

Let’s keep it crisp and short and say that lingerie is a turn on for no matter whom.


Girls like being in their lingerie, because in some sense it is empowering, and men

admire sophisticated lingerie.


Keep your options ready and good to go when needed.


Sex toys are not a taboo

It is important to understand that sex toys are not taboo and does not speak of incompetence.

It is there to spruce up something that might just be perfect.

Imagine that a sex toy is a helping hand and an added boost for the sex life that might

just be incredible.

These toys can come handy to make you understand what might turn you on or even

break the monotony. 


Planning a sexual relationship can be difficult and is absolutely unnecessary, unless it is about sexual health. It brings monotony and also can ruin the intensity. It is better to go with the flow.