While erection looks like a five-finger job in the front-end, it demands some severe actions from hormones, blood vessels, psych, stimulants, etc. in the background— each needed to comply with the other to make it a successful process.


Whatever is happening in the background, erection has been an interesting topic for every one of us especially when we reach our puberty milestone and want to explore all the facets of it.


Nothing changes when we grow older except the fact that “we look to explore erectile dysfunction rather than masturbation, sexual disorders rather than hypersexuality, etc.”


If your penis has turned old and has several erection issues, it’s the exact write-up which you need to feed to your brain and of course the penis.


So, let’s take up some of the Q & A relating to erection and erectile dysfunction.


  • Can vasectomy lead to erectile dysfunction?


Vasectomy is one of the safest methods for birth control; however, some men find it difficult to get an erection after the procedure.


To stay coherent, erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with the vasectomy procedure as it doesn’t alter the operation of the penis.


It’s the procedure which changes the path of the sperm cells and men ejaculate the same as before; however, semen doesn’t have sperm in it.


Despite that, your failure to get an erection may be linked with depression and psychological reasons.


You may feel that the part of your manhood has been snatched, and you’d overthink about the decisions you have made for the same which would ultimately make it harder for you to get hard.


  • Are blood types linked with erectile dysfunction?


Finding a link between the blood type and erectile dysfunction sounds bizarre; howbeit, there may be an association between the two.


A bunch of quizzical scientists from Italian Urology and Andrology tried to unearth the relationship between the blood group and erectile dysfunction in 350 respondents.


Out of 350 men, hundred and eleven men had ED.


In a surprising study, the men with O negative or Positive had better control over the penile erection whereas men with A, B, OR AB blood type were more susceptible to developing the ED condition.


The study doesn’t confirm that these blood groups will surely have an erection issue; instead, it gives a brief knowledge about the association and needs more research.


  • Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Masturbation is often considered a healthy and beneficial activity for exploring one's physical-self, but some myths suggest that it can harm sexual desire and function. However, these claims are exaggerated and unfounded.


In fact, masturbation can be a helpful solution for couples who are unable to engage in sexual activity. Safe and healthy habits during masturbation, such as avoiding prone positions or traditional practices that may cause penile fracture, are important for maintaining erection health.


Certain masturbatory habits like folding, bending, or pressing the penis may damage the erectile nerves and potentially lead to erectile dysfunction. Medications like Cenforce 150 may be prescribed to treat ED, but it is important to only take this medication under the guidance of a healthcare provider.


  • Do stents help erectile dysfunction?


The stent has been a popular tube used in heart surgeries and other organ operations, but does it help with erectile dysfunction?


The question sounds legit considering erectile dysfunction is caused due to the blockage in the penile arteries.


The tiny mesh tube can be applied on the arteries which may prove useful for some men; however, placing it may not work all the ED patients.


It gets usually placed in the internal pudendal artery— the artery in the pelvis and not the penis which allows required share of blood flow in the penis for an erection


It may not work for the patients who have an entire blocked artery, and they will have to resort to other options such as penile pumps, oral medication, and penile implant.


Furthermore, a stent for ED is a new concept and still needs thorough understanding regarding its application, pros, and cons.

So, can you think of unfamiliar questions relating to erection?

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