salt affects Erectile dysfunction

A pinch of salt is an absolute necessity in any food.


It effectively brings out the flavor that you love in all of the foods.


A taste that you sometimes remember even after years!


But have you ever wondered about the effects of salt on our body?


The salt that we so passionately devour dissolved in our foods affects your body directly.


And those effects aren't the good ones.


Let us tell you about the complications you might face if you consume salt in surplus.


- It gets your blood rushing


The blood pressure of your body is directly proportional to the amount of salt you consume.


This means that the more salt you consume, the higher the surge in your blood pressure. 


And when the blood pressure is high, there are high chances of your heart going into a cardiac arrest.


It can even cause dementia and kidney diseases.


The baneful effects of salt don't stop here.


When you eat excess salt, then medicines to treat blood pressure (like diuretics), fail to keep up your body working fine.


Link with Erectile Dysfunction: Everything in our body is correlated.


If there is even a trivial imbalance of any kind, it results in an imbalance or malfunction of other parts of the body.


We know that overeating salt can lead to high blood pressure; as a result of high blood pressure, you may not be able to achieve complete sexual content.


Studies have shown that high blood pressure results in your arteries being hard and somewhat clogged. 


This restricts the blood flow, in this case in your penis, restraining a hard and a firm erection.


- Salt is not your friend


Other than being the reason for high blood pressure, salt can cause even more damage to other parts of your body.


It is one of the most shocking facts that overeating salt can impede your brain functions making it weaker.


A recent study conducted over mice verified these results. 


In that study, mice were fed about ten times more salt than usual.


An increased amount of salt resulted in mice suffering from thinking problems and even memory loss.


When mice were fed more amount of salt than usual, scientists could find a rise in a protein called IL-17.


They discovered that the rise in IL-17, in their small intestine, was due to an increase in a type of white blood cell involved with the immune system called Th17.


When there is a rise in IL-17, the blood cell fall shy in providing enough amount of nitric oxide to the body.


Nitric oxide is essential to the body as it helps the nerves relax and enables sufficient blood flow to the brain.


Another study conducted earlier on humans has also shown signs of brain damage due to overeating salt.


The effects of salt on your brain may not reflect in significant things in life.


But you can notice it in small things such as forgetting your keys, not be able to dress, forgetting about bill payments and much more. 


Link with Erectile Dysfunction: A weak brain is a sign of a weak body.


When your brain doesn't function properly, it can affect other parts of your body as well.


Sustaining an erection needs constant blood flow to the penis.


When the penis does not receive an adequate amount of blood, it loses the erection.


When you overeat salt, your brain starts to slow down or functions at a reduced capacity due to an increase in levels of Th17 and IL-17.


When the brain itself is receiving a slashed amount of blood flow, how do you expect it to function ordinarily?


Thus, eating much salt can mess with your brain functions which in turn can result in a loss of sexual appetite or erectile dysfunction.


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