Do you often behave like “Touch me not plant” when some stranger starts talking about sex?


That’s like going into the shell where you don’t want to share your private life with anyone.


Trust me; sometimes it is all you need.


It’s good to spill the beans out even if it’s about your personal affairs— as private as having a lousy sex life.


That’s because the third person may look into your sex stories from his perspective and may come up with the correct solution.


Sexologists are one of those strangers who barely know you but are willing to pour colors in your dull sex life.


Now, why is that?


Do they love interfering in your matters?


Obviously, they don't.


It’s only because it’s their job and they are trained to take sexual issues as any other plain issue.


As they understand that sex is connected with your psychology, you should unbutton your hesitation and spit everything out.


It’s a blatant lie if your partner claims that “no one can understand you as much as they do” because sexologists know you more than anyone— they have the deadly combination of psychology, sexology, and philosophy.


So, let’s find out why sexologists are the best strangers to talk.


They won’t judge you.

That’s probably the last thing sexologists would do.


If you have a low sex drive because you are overly familiarized with your partner, they’d still not pass the judgment.


They know that the brain needs stimulation, it needs new challenges; and if you or your partner don’t feed new adult games every day— sex may not be any more exciting.


Although they are strangers to your sexual conditions, low sex drive due to over-familiarization is not strange for them.


They give you the best piece of advice.

Whether it is about sexual urge which goes beyond the skies; or the strange love towards unusual objects, situation, and extreme sexual behavior; sexologists are ready with the solutions.


Their expertise is to listen to your issue, dissect them, and address them one by one.


Furthermore, they induce a calming effect even if you love intense sexual session.


You may get irritated with your spouse while discussing your intense sexual pattern because sexual reasonings sometimes turn into dominance; however, you can’t resort to dominance with your sexologist because it’s you who have chosen to consult.


They have done countless case studies.

Since sexologists are great listeners— they have heard many sexual cases.


They meet the myriad of sexual personalities, and they easily comprehend the psychology behind any sexual behavior.


They can quickly grasp the factors of your sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness.


They latch on to the solutions which have worked for others, and their ability to produce the optimal formula for weaving a good sex life makes them the desirable strangers.


They put themselves in your boot.

Sexologists are not robots.


They empathize the situation by putting themselves in your shoes.


They capture the semantics of your emotional reserves, psychological stress, and physiological problems; and offer the great panaceas for your problems.


As they get to the bottom of the scrutiny, they make more sense than any stranger.


They are neutral

Sexologists are neither for you nor for your spouse.


They stand by the truth as they lend ears to both the sides of the stories.


They don’t come up with inbuilt bias; instead, they stay neutral so that they can get their heads around the root issues.


They believe in realism.


Sexologists practice realism— the ideology which emphasizes on reality.


If sexual sessions satiate you because of guilt or anger, they try to make the situation more realistic.


They let you know that guilt due to child abuse, or infidelity is very common, and it’s not the end of the road for you.


The realistic motivation imbibes the acceptance mode where you move a step forward positively.


What is a sexologist, and how can they help improve one's sex life?

A sexologist is a professional who specializes in human sexuality and can provide guidance, education, and solutions to enhance one's sex life.

How can couples maintain sexual intimacy as a long-term relationship evolves?

By continuously exploring and adapting to each other's desires and needs, couples can keep the spark alive.

What role does emotional intimacy play in a fulfilling sex life?

Emotional intimacy is crucial, as it fosters trust, vulnerability, and connection, all of which enhance the sexual experience.

Can stress and daily life pressures affect sexual performance and satisfaction?

Yes, stress and anxiety can impact sexual performance and satisfaction. A sexologist can provide strategies to manage these issues.


So, get off your couch and rush to the strangers.


They charge you for the talk sessions, but it’s worth to spend to talk to such virtuous strangers.