There are two ways of dealing with any sexual problem— visit your doctor right now and live on the standard mode of medication, or put your trust in a slow but effective natural mean.

The first method would give you the quick result, but wouldn’t eradicate problems from its root whereas the second treatment would uproot the disease from the original but is too slow to test your patience.

But there exists an unpopular method— the third one which is more effective than any other technique, i.e., to maintain an equilibrium between the first two methods.

If you are already relying on traditional medication like Vilitra 20 you’d like to modify your lifestyle in such a way that the impact of the first method increases manifold

By shopping natural sex-slanted items, you’d give the first method a fair chance to blossom more than anticipated.

Let’s go through these sex-slanted items which are ready to sprinkle and churn love in your sex life.




Morning sex has a special place in the hearts of love makers as it brings in the perfect animal at the start of the day.

However, your stale breath could turn off your partner’s sexual desire and kill the luxurious indulgence.

You may boast about your hard shaft, you may brag about your sexual stamina— all would fall to pieces if you can’t control your foul breath.


All you need is to fix your breath before you pump stale breath to your counterpart’s mouth.

Crispy fruits like apple act like natural breath sweeteners.

You can store a fresh apple in your bedroom a night before having sex.

And come the next morning— BANG!

Transfer your breath fragrance and let off the barrier.




While the phallic appearance of asparagus may be amusing, its health benefits extend beyond its appearance. Asparagus is rich in micronutrients that contribute to improved sexual function. It contains constituents like Vitamin B6 and E, which are known to enhance libido. If you're seeking to increase testosterone levels, consider adding asparagus to your daily supplementation.


Additionally, it aids in the production of high-quality sperm cells, allowing for multiple sexual sessions in a day. For specific concerns related to erectile dysfunction, medications can be discussed with healthcare professionals for appropriate guidance and potential treatment options.




It’s visibly the sexiest fruit as it resembles the erected penis.

Apart from its shape, it has so much to better the sexual performance in men.

Bananas have bromelain enzyme— an enzyme that gives wings to men’s libido.

Not just that, it has also indicated an affirming impact on impotence.

Some of the anecdotes prove the quote “Eat a banana to build your own banana” right.

It also constitutes potassium and vitamin B— the nutrients used for maintaining the fluidity of the body, heart rate, and the overall energy.

If you plan to eat a banana right before sex, you’re likely going to get an excellent banana job from your partner.

You can add sensuality in your sex life by incorporating the chopped bananas in your life.

Place them on your woman’s body, trace each one of them, and eat it with your partner’s body odor.

The combination of these items with the standard means of medication could give the lost glory of terrific sex with your spouse.

So, did you shop these sex-slanted items to boost up your sex life?

Let’s us know how you prepare yourself before getting kinky on the bed.