“That person is compatible with my nature,” “he is financially compatible to me,” etc. are some of the common phrases we hear in a day to day life.


Compatibility is the word which unites two hearts, and it’s the very word which divorces two people.


Of all the compatible units, science has come up with another parameter which measures the “Sexual compatibility” among partners.


Do sexual compatibilities exist?

Does it play any role in lasting the relationship?


Let me put it this way— had it existed, would you talk about it because, in most of the situations, the talk gets pushed to the corner.


Yes, sexual compatibility is for real, and it’s like sexual emotions living without conflict.


But it’s not sunshine and rainbow every time.


Sometimes, sexual incompatibilities get onto the nerves which shatter the relationships.


Let’s find out how the concept of sexual compatibility has become one of the critical parameters for deciding the longevity of any relationship.


 Experience can be a defining entity.

There can be instances where one of the partners is way too experienced than the other.


The thing is— you can’t control the experience of your partner.


If your partner is sexually more experienced than you, then you may face the trouble during early sessions.


It’s common in the regions where premarital sex is considered taboo.


The experienced partners know what turns them on, what repels them; and they go into the shell without trying with the fresh partner.


In such cases, the inexperienced partner may not enjoy the brand new position or thing.


It’s when the sexual drift occurs when one partner wants something, and the other completely disobeys.


It may be temporary, but it’s necessary for you to hold the relationship until the phase settles which may otherwise break it.


Sex drive can be the ultimate fuel.


Had there been a device to measure sex drive, a lot of relationships could have been saved.


Why do I say this?


Sex drive is the ultimate contributor to great sex sessions— the only problem is— it varies.


You may be one of those who loves to tear off your partner’s cloth every day; and your partner may be one of those who likes to get busy just twice or thrice in a month.


You’d want to meet at a junction where it’s a win-win situation for both of you— but unfortunately, sexual incompatibility is as real as sexual compatibility.


And that’s where the sexual harmony drains into the gutter.


The machine for gauging sex drive could have at least gave the analytics about the sexual urge of the couples right in the beginning of the relationship.


Sadly, the concept is far away from reality; however, that’s not the end of the world.


One of the two may resort to sex enhancing substances.


The unrealistic expectations degrade quality.

Sexual compatibility is not just about being as horny as your partner; it’s also about understanding your partner’s need and limitations.


In several cases, people harbor unrealistic expectations which shake up the sexual mountains of the other.


It’s notable that people who watch excessive porn bear the exact kind of expectations.


Some of the partners expect massive erection despite sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.


In other words, they transmit the sexual burden to their partners; and any failure in meeting the expectations could detune the relationship.


So, it’s vital that the partners discuss their expectations, no-go areas, do’s and don’ts for the sexual event.


The unsatisfied sexual ego aggravates the condition.


It’s terrible to carry ego when you love sexual engagement.


Sex is about understanding your partner’s desire and problems as much as you explore your desires.


In some of the anecdotes, partners refuse to bend their egos despite hurting the other physically or emotionally.


In other occasions, the sadistic nature of one of the partners gives more pleasure than the sex itself.


That’s when you can rate sexual compatibility Zero.


Sexual compatibility is more important than financial or social harmony because you can live a lasting relationship with the latter two, but not with the former one.