The meal followed by a proper water intake is heaven— especially when it satisfies our thirst.


But answering your thirst right after the meal may not work in your favor.


In fact, time and again, it’s spoken loud and clear— avoid immediate watering the stomach after the meal.


So, what could be the possible reason for “bringing out the same concept?


Is it a myth disseminated by rumor-mongers or a fact researched by the experienced testers?


The answer is— watering your system immediately after a meal could affect your sex life in a way you can never imagine.


Now that may knock the stuffings out of your penis, but it’s true.


Although we don’t have a substantial proof for associating “drinking water after the meal” with sexual disorders such as “erectile dysfunction,” we can get in the indirect link between the two.


You’d like to go through the write up for deeper understanding.

A bad stomach is a sign of a miserable sex life.

When you gulp down the food, you trigger the action of your stomach in which it releases digestive acid.


The appropriate role of digestive acid is to spread across the food and break it down into the finer substances (which get later used for creating the energy for the body).


So, when you wet off your whistles right after the meal, water mixes with the acid only to tone down their effect.


You must have studied in the primary classes that water mixes with acid to give a dilute solution.


The same reaction occurs in the stomach which makes it difficult for the body to breakdown the food.


The longer the food stays in your stomach, the slower your digestive system.


The disturbed digestive system lodges food in the stomach more than the anticipated time, thereby sparking off indigestion.


Indigestion accompanies several other problems like heartburn, constipation, cramp in the tummy, and painful conditions such as bowel problems.


Link with erectile dysfunction: Generally indigestion doesn’t trouble your penis; however, if you continue with the drinking process after the meal, it’s possible that your stomach will release diluted acid rather than the concentrated one.


But with the human body, everything is within the bounds of possibility.


If indigestion and bowel issues stay for the more extended period, your penis may not receive the required blood flow for an erection.


One of the studies states it clearly that bowel problems and digestive syndromes affect sexual functions


Although water improves your penile condition, improper timings may have a reversing effect.


So, think of your shaft before quenching your thirst.

And so is obesity and sex life

As mentioned, when you get the unbearable quench of thirst after the meal, you end up drinking water and diluting your digestive acid.


When the body fails to breakdown or digests the food (especially carbohydrates like sugar, potatoes, snacks, etc.); instead of converting carbs into glucose, the body converts carbs into fats.


As it lodges fats in the body, you are likely to gain weight.


The problem with our digestive system is that it can’t burn fats into energy on its own.


You will have to work your skins out to burn the fats, and if you don’t— the fat cells may replicate and clone their family making you an obese person.


Furthermore, the same habit increases the insulin level in the bloodstream which slows down the metabolic system.


Probably, it is why you will find science associating obesity with a slow metabolism.


Link with erectile dysfunction: Obesity has a lot to do with your sex life.


When the fat in your body crosses the threshold figure, they start exerting pressure on the muscle walls of the blood vessels.


With arteries facing the heat of the fats, the blood circulation in the body gets disturbed, and it contributes to cardiovascular problems.


The process of atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries) is like a fire; it may spread up to your penis.


The arteries in your penis are smaller in size and are susceptible to blockage which, in a domino effect, causes erectile dysfunction.


Is there any scientific evidence supporting the claim that drinking water after a meal leads to impotence?

No, there is no scientific evidence that links drinking water after a meal to impotence.

Can staying hydrated by drinking water have any negative effects on sexual function?

Staying properly hydrated is essential for overall health, including sexual function.

Can certain foods or beverages after a meal affect sexual health?

Some foods and beverages can impact digestion and potentially lead to discomfort, but they are not direct causes of impotence.

Are there specific foods or nutrients that can promote sexual health?

A balanced diet with nutrients like zinc, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids can support sexual health.

So, to prevent your sex life, divorce the meal and drinking water pattern.