Fildena 150 mg shows high performance during sexual intercourse. This drug has double power in it to ease your problem so that you can derive better satisfaction.

Fildena 150 contains a high proportion of sildenafil citrate in it. This small pill which is 150 mg works much faster than an ordinary drug used for ED.

What happens when a woman takes Fildena 150 mg?

It is advisable to not consume this tablet below the age of 18 years.Women who are consuming such drugs have not seen as effective results as seen in men. Females may suffer from FSD a problem that is Female Sexual Dysfunction.

It is to be noted that these drugs are not suitable for women. It does not help in increasing sexual desire among women. Flibanserin is a drug that has been licensed in the USA. This drug helps in boosting sexual desire in women and to reduce the feeling of inhibition by balancing the chemicals in the brain.

Filbanerism is also not so effective in increasing women’ssexual excitement.It should not be taken with alcohol or grapefruit. Common side effects are drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea.

Fildena 150 reviews: People have mentioned the feedback of this Extra power drug that it has never disappointed them. People are getting excellent service and products of good quality with timely delivery. People are happy after using this drug.

Fildena extra power 150 mg: Fildena150mg extra power tablet acts as a magic pill that helps in treating sexual inability among men. This high power dosage works much speedily than any other drug.

This hard pill of Fildena 150mg helps in treating ED and for long-lasting erection.

Use of Fildena 150mg: Fildena 150 strongly works in treating erectile issues.It helps in relieving blood vessels to ensure proper blood supply to all the parts of the body including thepenis for long-lastingan erection.

You can see long-lasting erection up to 4hours. It starts working after 30 mins of consumption. This efficiency gained by a drug is all because of sildenafil citrate present in it.

How to consume Fildena 150

Proper instruction needs to be followed for consumption purposes. As it is extra power dosage you need to consume it more cautiously.

If you are looking for an immediate result then put this tablet under the tongue it will get dissolve and you will see the result just after 30 mins.

If you want the bestresult than have it in an empty stomach. It has to be taken 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse. If you have missed a dose then just jump into the next dose. Don’t try to compensate the dose by taking a twice a dose in a day.

Swallow the medicine without food improves its effectiveness even more.

Side effects of Fildena 150 mg

Some of the side effects of Fildena 150mg are as follows:

  • Bleeding of nose
  • Diarrhea.
  • Fainting
  • Headache
  • Hearing loss

Warnings for Fildena 150 mg

Before starting this drug, you must consult your doctor and describe him about medical history. If you have diabetes or blood pressure ensure to tell the doctor.

Avoid consuming alcohol and grapefruit before or after this drug. Go through the ingredients of the drug in case if you are allergic to it you should consume only if you are comfortable with the ingredients.

Conclusion: Overall Fildena150 mg is the best pill to consume for earlier results. It is a high power that helps to combat your erectile problem. Indeed, it is a magic pill for Erectile Dysfunction patients.