Sex is amazing!


There is no denying of the fact that sex is the greatest pleasure in the world.


But it isn't the case with some.


Because for them, sex is challenging, painful and often obnoxious.


They are not able to have good sex for some of the other reason.


This leads to the banishment of sex from their life.


And just because of a lack of proper sex life, they lose interest in sex; which then leads to other life problems like depression.


But your sex life doesn't have to be so dull.


There are so many things you can do to boost up your sex life.


 Have you ever heard of Kegel exercises?


And did you know that Kegel exercises give a boost your sex life?


 Kegel exercises are mainly simple pelvic exercises.


They are often termed as floor exercises and include repeated contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles.


Kegel exercises boost your sex life immensely, both in men and women.


Studies have also indicated that Kegel exercises are beneficial for pelvic muscles and general health. 


Let us tell you all about it.


How does it benefit sexuality in women?


Kegel exercises are tremendously helpful to women.


If done repeatedly, Kegel exercises strengthen the vaginal muscles and elevate sexual arousal.


And when vaginal muscles are stiffened, they offer a solid grip on the penis during sex resulting in much pleasurable sex for both.


Kegel exercises also lead to pleasurable orgasms by helping you achieve more intense contraction as you orgasm.


How does it benefit sexuality in men?


Kegel exercises help you elude the most common sex problem faced by men today - Erectile Dysfunction.


If you indulge in Kegel exercises habitually, it helps you gain a hard, long-lasting erection capable of satisfying your partner.


Along with more pleasurable sex, Kegel exercises also help you gain control over your ejaculation.


You, with the help of Kegel exercises, will be able to hold your ejaculation for a longer time.


Kegel exercises also keep pelvic and hip healthy in men.


 How to get the best out of your sex life with Kegel exercises?

Knowing about the muscles:


It is of extreme importance to have complete knowledge of your body.


You must know which muscles are you targeting and that which muscles are useful in giving you the sex of a lifetime.


You can find that muscles by pausing the urine while it is flowing out and stopping stomach gas in its passage.


Once you have mastered it, you can do Kegel exercises anywhere!


 Laser sharp focus is a must.

Along with actually doing the exercises, you must also focus your mind to the muscles that you are targeting.


When you practice with complete focus, the muscles and tissues respond to the exercises positively and quickly.


 Do it right.

Kegel exercises are done by many.


But only those people get results who do it right.


But that's okay; like everything in life, getting perfect in doing Kegel exercises takes time.


You must practice it habitually, and you are sure to get better.


You must be mindful of tightening the pelvic floor muscles and releasing them slowly and steadily.


When tightened, you must hold on for 10-seconds before letting go.


When you practice it routinely, you are sure to get better at it.


And, as you get better, then you will also start to notice the positive effects of the exercise on your sex life.


We recommended that you practice Kegel exercises daily.


They are not only beneficial in improving your sex life but also fight various bladder and lower intestine ailments.


Do you know anything more about Kegel exercise?


DO you practice Kegel exercises daily?


Tell us all about your experience and how Kegel exercise has helped your sex life.