Are You Authorize Company? How Can I Be Sure Of That?

Yes, Genericday is a legitimate company that has been active in the market since 2016. We have proudly been providing quality service & products to consumers across the world. Our core objective is to ensure consumer safety & satisfaction. You will also be noticed that all the pages have 100% SSL certified, It's mean any personal info that you share with is encrypted before being transmitted, Our clients can always be sure that at Genericday, they will always get what they pay for.

How Old Is Your Company?

Genericday is a mass distributor of generic drugs and OTC healthcare items since 2016

How Do I Send A Copy Of My Prescription Before Buying?

You can upload the prescription on medical history page in order process time otherwise you can send us directly on support@genericday.com.

Can You Guarantee Confidentiality About My Purchases From Genericday?

We utilize the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as the gold standard for all of our internet placed orders. All shopping cart pages on www.Genericday.com are secured by a current SSL Certificate. Your security is the number one concern with this company. Your order and personal info will be revealed to any party that is not anyhow related to the order fulfillment process.

How Much Money Will I Save When I Order From Genericday?

Most customers can save 10%, we also offer a huge discount on health products. 



Step 1. Once you find and select the product you wish to order, select the “Add To Cart” option.

Step 2. Click on a process to checkout option

Step 3. Once you click on the process to checkout then there are 2 options are available

Existing user: Fill Id & Pass & fill shipping address than click on place order

New user: Type your email address & password & fill shipping address than click on place order


How Long Does It Take To Ship The Drugs To My Place?

Usually up to 8 to 10 days.

Why Your Prices So Low?

We understand that prescription medications can be very expensive. We do not want you paying a lot for your medication. You are guaranteed to find the lowest prices for your generic and OTC drugs.

When I Received Product In The Mail Is That Same As What I Get At My Local Pharmacy?

You will get exactly the same product but the only difference is the name of the manufacture

What Is Your Return Policy?

If you receive an order that is damaged in any way, or if you don’t receive your order at all, we will ship you another package. If you would rather us give a refund, we will refund your entire amount at your request. For this process, we will ask to wait 30 days from when the order had been shipped. We will  take care of any support tickets in a timely manner

If I Want To Cancel My Order?

Cancellation by user: Customer can cancel order whenever he/she wants but there must be a good reason to do it.


What Payment Methods Will Your Company Accept?

We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card / Debit Card.

How To Pay By Credit Card?

After mail confirmation, you can pay by following instruction

Step1.The open Email and Paynow Button Clik.

Step2. Click on Continue

Step3. Make Payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card / Debit Card)

Step4. Fill out details & make a payment you will also receive payment instruction mail from our team

What Is The CVV Number? Where Can I Find It?

CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in ownership of your Credit card. The 4 digit number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number

My Credit Card Was Refused, Why?

There is a number of reasons are available for Credit Cards refused. the following are the reasons for decline transactions

1) If the billing and shipping address are different,

2) If you are using a card from a different state where the card was actually issued

please contact our helpline team there will provide you all related guidelines.

My Refund Has Not Showed Up On My Credit Card Yet, How Long Should It Take?

It can take up to 7 to 10 business days for your refund to show up on your credit card. Many times it will show up in just 3 business days. you can’t receive so that time please contact Bank Branch Manager.

I Am Not Comfortable Using A Credit Card Online?

We utilize the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as the gold standard for all of our internet placed orders. We ensure 100% payment security


My Order Has Not Shipped Yet, What Is The Delay?

There are many reasons why your Genericday order may not have shipped yet. That time you need to contact our helpline number & our team will guide you why your order not shipped.

If My Online Medication Order Is Returned To The Pharmacy, Can It Be Reshipped?

Yes, We will Reshipment to you and we will inform the tracking number

Is It Possible To Cancel My Order After Shipped?

You can’t, you may only cancel your order before it has been shipped from the store, and even that will be subject to a cancellation fees.


How Can I Tell That The Online Medications I Ordered Are legal?

All of our medication comes with 100% original instruction and sealed packaging that contains the lot number & expiry that can be cross-checked with the manufacturer. We 100% ensure our medication you order through Generecday.com.

Can I Return My Medicine After It Has Been Delivered?

Yes, but happening only scenarios like If you received the wrong medication or if the medication arrived damaged. Contact us our team for more information.

I Received The Wrong Dosage Of Medicine, What Do I Do?

Please contact us to our contact helpline so we can inform the pharmacy. The correct medication will be promptly sent to you

What Is Estimated Time Of Arrival Of My Order?

It’s Depend On Location or Place.


How Do I Return Something To Genericday.com?

We don’t accept returns on prescription items, It’s against our policy. Please Email us our team & include your order tracking number in your so may assist you more quickly.

Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Drugs Online?

A Prescription is needed for Prescription Medicines. The same may be sent by email.

Why Should I Purchase From You Versus Other Online Pharmacy?

We are 100% trustable & selling online medicine which is 100% FDA approval. these drugs are sold at the lowest price. We may also provide medicines which are made by leading manufacturers who export to most countries at Genericday

Single Click Check Out Process? How Is Working

Our 1- Click checkout process is so amazing you can purchase medication by one click

How Can I Get Special Offer or Discount Offer?

Once you visit our product page then will popup display banner with coupon code on your screen. Apply This Coupon & Get 10% Extra OFF.

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

0$ Shipping Charge only applies for above 249$ medication order.

What Is Offer Zone? How Can I Purchase Medication At Wholesale Rate have

Buy medication in wholesale rate with the lowest price guarantee? Interested right so we have good news for you, Now you can purchase bulk medication with the lowest price by clicking up "OFFER ZONE" button.