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Rapact 5

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Generic Brands Everolimus
Manufacturer Natco Pharma
Strength 5 mg
PharmaceuticalForm Tablet/s
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Description Of Rapact 5

Rapact 5 Tablet is included in a class of medications called kinase inhibitors that treats cancer by stopping cancer cells from reproducing and cutting off blood supply to the cancer cells. Rapact 5 Tablet decreases the action of the immune system. This may result in increased risk of developing infection or certain types of cancer such as lymphoma, skin cancer, etc.

Rapact 5 Chemical Name


Rapact 5 Manufacturer

Natco Pharma Ltd

Uses of Rapact 5

Rapact 5 Tablet is used in breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.

What is Rapact 5?

Rapact 5 manufactured by Natco, contains Everolimus as an active ingredient. It comes in pack of 28 tablets. Rapact 5 is a prescription oncology medicine that can be purchased by a patient only against a valid prescription of a healthcare professional. Do not share this drug with others for whom it was not prescribed.

How Rapact 5 working?

Rapact 5 Tablet suppresses the activity of body's immune system and prevents rejection of the transplanted organ.

How is Rapact 5 used?

Rapact 5 Tablet is used in breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.

Rapact 5 Indications

Take Rapact 5 Tablet as instructed by the doctor. Do not take in larger amounts than advised/prescribed. Consult the health care physician if you experience any undesirable side effects. Ensure that the treatment course is completed. Do not stop the use of this medicine without consulting your health care physician.


  • Rapact 5
  • Rapact 10

Contraindication Of Rapact 5

Rapact 5 is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to the active substance, to other rapamycin derivatives, or to any of the excipients. Hypersensitivity reactions manifested by symptoms including, but not limited to, anaphylaxis, dyspnea, flushing, chest pain, or angioedem have been observed with Rapact 5 and other rapamycin derivatives.

Adverse effects Weakness

  • Sinus inflammation
  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Stomatitis (Inflammation of the mouth)

Precautions And Warnings

Rapact 5 Tablet is unsafe to use during pregnancy. There is positive Deposition of person fetal  danger, but the benefit from use in pregnant female may be acceptable despite the insecurity, for instance in life-threatening condition. Please consult your doctor.

Rapact 5 Tablet is safe to use in patients with kidney disease. No dose adjustment of Rapact 5 mg Tablet is recommended.

Rapact 5 Tablet should be used with caution in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Rapact 5 mg Tablet may be needed. Please consult your doctor.

Use of Rapact 5 Tablet is not recommended in patients with severe liver disease.


Store Rapact 5 at room temperature of 25°C (77°F); excursions permitted to 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F).Make sure to always keep your drug in an area of your home that is out of the reach of children and pets.Consider storing your medications separately from your other family members. You can put them on a discrete shelf, or in a different cabinet or drawer.

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