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Revolizer Device is useful for inhaling dry medication powder orally for treating lung-related illness. Revolizer is a cost impressive, simple to use and environmental friendly device for pulmonary (lung related) medicine delivery.Revolizer helps in controlling and treating asthma by providing accurate dosing and excellent delivery of the drug in the lungs.


Requires the placement of a medicine pills and inhalation through the mouthpiece provided, without shaking or priming. The pills chamber and the mouthpiece of the asthma device are cleaned with a dry, clean cloth.


To open, hold the Revolizer at the base with one hand and pull back the mouthpiece.

Remove a rotacap from its bottle. Insert the rotacap into the rotacap chamber with the transparent end facing underneath as shown.

Close the mouthpiece firmly. A 'Click' sound will tell proper closing of the Revolizer.

Breathe out fully, through the mouth. Position the mouthpiece between the teeth and close the lips tightly around it. Sit or stand upright, keep your head straight, and breathe in through the mouth rapidly and deeply. When done accurately, you will hear the rotacap vibrating inside the Revolizer.

Remove the Revolizer from your mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds or for as long as it is relaxing. Breathe out normally. In case some powder remainder in the rotacap chamber, repeat step 4. Ensure that no powder remainder in the rotacap chamber.

After every use, open the mouthpiece (till both the arrows meet) and dispose of the empty rotacap. Close the mouthpiece and store the Revolizer in the convenient carry pouch provided.


Revolizer is a novel DPI device, which is the result of a design and unfold schedule to address the critical requirement of an ideal inhalation device.

It provides sure dosing and greater lung deposition even at low inspiratory flow rates combined with deftness of use. It It provides an make better respirable fraction while adding style and neoteric design to give patients a uprising in inhalation therapy.

Warnings and precautions of REVOLIZER DEVICE

  • Avoid breathing out into your Revolizer.
  • Keep the Revolizer clean and dried at all times. Never use the Revolizer when it is wet.
  • It is recommended to use a new Revolizer every 6 months.
  • Do not push any cloth or implement into the mouthpiece of the Revolizer as this may reason damage.

Storage condition REVOLIZER DEVICE

Store the Revolizer in room temperature.

Store the Revolizer in the convenient carry pouch provided.

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