More often than not, it’s the men who decide the time length of sexual sessions.


One of the reviews states that a lot of men ejaculate in less than three minutes— far less than what women take to hit the climax, i.e., fifteen minutes.


Basically, men abandon their partners amidst sexual sessions leaving them unsatisfied.


A good sex session is all about partners moaning in pleasure, resonating their orgasmic tune at the same time.


But if you are one of those unsatisfied women who feel the heat of premature ejaculation because your husband cares about his orgasm more than yours— you should push him to practice these methods to last longer on the bed.


His sensual breath is the key.


Have you ever noticed that when you fail to catch your breath, you feel like giving up the activity and relax?


Sex is another cardiovascular activity which may make your partner lose breath.


It’s when he’d either rush to finish up the sexual activity or end up evading sex— and you don’t want any.


So, it’s your responsibility to make him believe that his sensual breath is the key.


Get close to his ears and whisper “you love his breath penetrating right into your ears.”


He doesn’t have to pour heavy breath as if he has reached the pinnacle of the Mt. Everest.


The breath should come naturally as if it’s the best sexual session.


Soft breath cycle gets into your ears and makes the session more sensual, but more importantly, it enhances his performance, and deliver your expectations.



 Sex after the first orgasm.


It’s a curse that men often find it difficult in reaching the multiple-orgasm.


On the other hand, women are blessed that they can reap the delight of multiple-orgasm in less than a minute.


But you can take advantage of “the very nature” of your man.


Discuss with him that your real sex begins after his first orgasm.


After your husband vomits through his penis for the first time, shift your goal post to his second orgasm.


As men take time in ejaculating the second time, it may invite a bit of effort from your side; however, our idea is to prolong sex— even if it takes hard toiling.


Get into the action as soon as he makes his first ejaculation; put your life in Stimulating him Sexually.


As the second ejaculation consume more time than the first one, you may well place your orgasm during that time.


Suffocate the “touch me not” shaft.


The oversensitivity of your husband’s shaft is not good news.


C’mon, even the "touch-me-not" plants are not as sensitive as his penis.


But that’s not the end of the road for your sex life.


Here’s one smart way to flush the sensitivity down to the gutter.


Suffocate his penis by using condoms.


Using condoms will prevent direct contact between his penis and your skin, thereby keeping his less stimulated.


Similarly, there are a lot of creams which desensitize the “touch,” therefore resolving the “quick-stimulation” problem.


Jerking-off before he climbs on you.


Talk to your man and make a strict rule before he gets onto the bed.


The rule is relatively simple— “make him jerk off before he climbs on you.”


Target the second orgasm because that’s when you can enjoy the real sex.


By the time he gets his second orgasm, you will be at the peak of the sexual pleasure.


You can decide on the dinner table whether you’d engage tonight for sex and if he’s willing to tear off your clothes, keep him at arm’s length.


If he’s not willing to jerk off, ensure that you have a good foreplay session by suppressing his penetrative urge.


What is the average duration of sexual intercourse, and is there a "normal" length?

The average duration can vary, but there's no set "normal" length as it depends on individual preferences.

How can communication with a partner contribute to longer sexual sessions?

Open and honest communication with a partner about desires, boundaries, and expectations is essential.

Are there physical exercises or techniques that can improve stamina in bed?

Kegel exercises and other pelvic floor exercises can enhance sexual stamina.

How does focusing on foreplay impact the duration of sexual sessions?

Extensive foreplay can increase arousal and lead to longer-lasting sexual sessions.

Note: Masturbation before sex may backfire. A lot of men lose sexual desire and advance to sleep. So, the method may not work for you; however, don’t give up without giving it a try.


There can be other medical conditions which are compelling your mate to reach the climax before you do. There’s no appropriate time for consulting with the sexologists.