Sex and alcohol go hand in hand.


Things get smoother and better once you are high, especially sex.


The world knows well about the beneficial effects of alcohol on your sex life.


But most of us know only that; not even a single thing beyond it.


Let us see today how ruinous alcohol to your sex life is.


 Side effects such as Erectile Dysfunction

That's right! I'm talking about side-effects of heavy boozing that you won't notice for a long time.


You may enjoy that whiskey and even great intercourse after that, but if you keep boozing heavily at a stretch, you can bet on it that the great sex won't last.


Consuming alcohol over an extended period can result in conditions like 'brewers droop'; in other words, 'erectile dysfunction.' 


And if you keep drinking on, brewers droop is sure to escalate into full-blown barrenness.


When it comes to women, it is a fact that heavy drinking women are unable to conceive.


And even if they are capable of it, they take a longer time to do so than a non-drinking woman.


You will lose your partner/beloved.


Alcohol is usually devoured to forget the likes of reality.


Boozing causes things to slow down and ease out for you; hence awarding you a stopgap from the apprehensions of life.


This results in you being unaware, rather careless, about the feelings of your partner.


What your partner wants from you is of no concern to you while high.


Not even the feeling of wanting good sex.


And only due to your adverse habit of over-boozing, there can be distances between you and your partner.


This problem can even elevate further.


As your partner will fail to get enough attention from you, neither in life nor in bed, the chances are that your partner may seek the solace in someone else.


That's right. If you booze heavily and don't give the much-deserved attention or love to your partner, there is a high likelihood of your partner indulging in adultery.


It plays with your mind

 Your mind may love the genial effects that alcohol may have upon it, but the dangers can be your worst nightmares.


When you are all boozed up, all alone, you are in grave danger.


Boozing accelerates the feeling to have sex.


And when you are all fired up, you will be ready to get it on with anyone, anywhere. (of course, sub-consciously).


If you are not with your friend or a partner who can take care of you while you are heavily drunk, you may end up having unprotected sex with a stranger.


And sex with a stranger is not half bad.


You may have enjoyed the sex, but it can assign unrepairable damage to your relationship with your consort.


Moreover, there are high possibility that unprotected sex with a stranger may lead to a host of STDs.


 Saying things, you shouldn't be saying.

Not only in the movies do we see a guy trying to call his ex-wife and tell her how badly she is missed.


It can happen to you too!


Boozing takes a direct hit on the part of our brain called the 'prefrontal cortex' which makes you think you need to be close to someone.


It can be anyone.


It can be someone you have been close before or someone from the present; but most of the times, it is the lost love.


And when the alcohol governs your feeling of being close, you might speak something you shouldn't.


Alcohol can even administer you to reveal confidential things when you are out with your business colleague.


So always go easy on the glass and stay healthy.


How does your love for alcohol has affected your life?


DO you think alcohol is right for you or bad?


What are the potential risks of excessive alcohol consumption on sexual health?

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and difficulties in arousal and performance. It can also contribute to relationship issues and emotional strain.

Does alcohol affect the body's physiological responses during sexual activity?

Yes, alcohol can impair physiological responses, leading to reduced sensitivity, delayed ejaculation, and diminished sexual performance. It can also affect blood flow and hormone levels, impacting sexual function.

Are there specific types of alcohol that have a more pronounced impact on sexual function?

While individual responses may vary, high-proof spirits and excessive consumption of any type of alcohol can have a more pronounced impact on sexual function compared to moderate consumption of beer or wine.

How does alcohol influence intimacy and communication in relationships?

Alcohol can affect judgment and inhibitions, potentially leading to impaired communication and intimacy. It may contribute to misunderstandings, conflicts, and emotional distance in relationships.

Can alcohol consumption lead to long-term sexual health issues?

Yes, long-term excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to chronic sexual health issues such as persistent erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and relationship strain, impacting overall sexual well-being.