Sweet yet healthy?




You’ve got to be kidding!


Well, that is exactly most people in the world think about sweet foods.


But they are not entirely correct.


There are a few sweet delicacies which can gain you good health while giving you a hint of deliciousness on your tongue.


One of those few standout foods is Honey.


Yes, you heard it right.


Eating natural honey can help you stay fit and healthy.


Let us tell you all about it!


  • The occult nutrients that make honey awesome.


Bees work hard to garner sugar from the sugary nectar of flowers.


And when they get back to their beehives, after a long, back-breaking drudgery, they vomit the digest fluid out.


And finally, in a rather unpleasant way, the honey we know today is produced.


This honey is loaded with plant compounds and antioxidants that make it healthy.


The darker the honey is, the richer the blend of the compounds in it.


  • So long, Acid Reflux.


Honey aligns the oesophagus and the stomach.


This helps in barring the undigested food and stomach acid from flowing in the opposite direction(upwards).


Doing this, honey slashes the risk of complications such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which results in a person experiencing inflammation, heartburn or acid reflux.


  • A cold and cough remedy available at home.


Honey is the best, and perhaps, the sweetest medicine there ever is!


World Health Organization (WHO) officially endorses honey to be a natural remedy for cold and cough.


  • We know your heart loves honey; honey loves your heart too!


Along with being an excellent source of antioxidants advantageous for your heart, honey is also renowned as a cholesterol hunter.


A study returned that honey reduces bad cholesterol by a margin of 5.8% and increases good cholesterol by 3.3% as opposed to sugar.


  • Honey lets you do what you love the most - Sleep


If you are a prey of an unwanted friendship with insomnia, then honey is here for your rescue.


A spoonful of honey taken obediently every morning will help you get rid of insomnia or unbalanced sleep cycles.


Honey increases the level of Serotonin in a person’s body which helps in de-stressing and mental stability.


  • A medicine to eat as well as treat wounds.


Not merely antioxidants, honey also excels in being antifungal and antibacterial.


This makes honey perfect for treating wounds and burns.


A kind of honey, Manuka honey, is known to treat bacteria and viruses of more than 250 kinds.


  • Honey is a friend of your scalp.


Honey is among the most effective in treating scalp diseases such as Seborrheic Dermatitis which causes dandruff and scalp itching.


According to one research, applying honey to your scalp on alternate days for about 4 weeks will relieve any scalp-itching as well as any lesions.


  • Honey fights Herpes, a sexually transmitted disease.


Although honey might not be entirely effective in curing Herpes, it very well fights Herpes’ symptoms.


A study conducted over 16 adults who were known to have a history of Herpes successfully used Honey to treat the symptoms of Herpes.


  • It doesn’t get on your nerves; it relieves them instead.


Along with having high levels of antioxidants, honey is also an antidepressant.


It helps you relax by slashing the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in your body which causes neurotoxicity and accelerated maturity.


This is it, folks!


Honey is much more than merely a sweet delicacy; it’s a medicine that can be consumed as well as applied.


There is probably no medicine in this world more natural, more delicious than honey.


Did we miss out on something?


Do you not agree with what we’ve mentioned above?


Well, let us know your thoughts about the miracles of honey; we’d like to hear all of them.


Comment down below; we read them all!