Benefits of vitamin c for your skin and hair

Do you love gorging on juicy oranges and limes? If your answer is ‘YES’, then Congratulations!


You are making most of one of the most vitamins which are Vitamin C. Known for its anti-ageing and immunity-boosting properties; this vitamin is a must-have for your health regime. 


Vitamin C has found its place in almost everything- from fitness supplements to skin serums and facial masks.


Well known for its skin regenerating and antioxidant properties, Vitamin C is avidly found in the form of tablets, powder form or in commonly consumed citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and other fruits like strawberry and pears.


The benefits of Vitamin C is not just limited to glowing skin. Here are the top benefits of Vitamin C.


  • The health and beauty benefits of Vitamin C:


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that helps with tissue repair and growth. It promotes healing of injury and muscle tears.


Fitness enthusiasts regularly take Vitamin C supplements to reduce their recovery periods after workout.


Known for its immunity boosting properties, Vitamin C helps in preventing cold and viral infections.


 If not prevent, it at least cuts short the recovery period from the same.


Regular consumption of Vitamin C also helps in the prevention of cancer and reduces the risk of cardiac disease. 


  • The anti-ageing properties of Vitamin C make it part of almost all cosmetic products these days:


When consumed, Vitamin C triggers the secretion of tyrosine enzyme which helps in the prevention of hyperpigmentation.


Vitamin C also increases the production of collagen and prevents wrinkling.


If you want to age gracefully, Vitamin C is your magic potion.


Vitamin C helps in combat the impact of sun exposure and pollution as well.


It helps in fading spots and prevents age spots due to sunburn or hormonal fluctuations. 


If you have acne-prone skin, vitamin c can be your saviour by not only fighting acne but also restoring your original skin texture.


Many brands have started formulating their own Vitamin C serums which are meant for pigmented skin.


Beauty bloggers swear by the goodness of Vitamin C and have come up with DIY serums which one can make at home using OTC Vitamin C tablets.


However, as they say, too much of anything could destroy you; make sure you do not exceed your required daily dose of Vitamin C.


High doses of Vitamin C can trigger abdominal cramps, nausea and heartburn. In severe cases, it may even lead to kidney stones.


Always consult a doctor or dietician before starting your vitamin C supplements.


  • Vitamin C For Your Hair health:


It facilitates the absorption of iron which is very important for hair health. Vitamin C deficiency can trigger hair fall and thinning of hair.



Topical application of gooseberry, which is a vibrant source of Vitamin C, helps with hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair.


  • How to grab the daily dose of Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is available in the most common fruits and vegetables around us. Add citrus fruits to your diet like orange, limes and lemons.


  1. If you are not a fan of the tangy flavour of citrus fruits, you can try other fruits like strawberry, kiwi fruit, pears or the very cooling watermelon.


  1. If you love tropical fruits, Mango and Papaya should be your go-to source of Vitamin C. 


  1. If you are missing out on your daily dose of vitamin C due to hectic lifestyle, you can opt for Vitamin C supplements.


  1. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before starting with Vitamin C supplements.


  1. There are loads of energy drinks available in the markets that are enriched with Vitamin C, and they are meant for people who don't want to miss out on essential vitamins.


  1. If you are going through skin concerns, you can try vitamin C in the form of skin serums.


  1. There are collagen boosting masks available in the market that claim to be rich in vitamin C.


  1. For under eye wrinkles and crow's feet, you will find eye creams with the goodness of Vitamin C.


A healthy dose of natural Vitamin C, through your regular diet can make a huge difference in your overall lifestyle and well-being.