The Virtuous Nitric Oxide For Healing Impotence


Get a rubber tube for yourself.


Put it in the water for a day or two.


Take the tube out of it.


Check its cross-sectional area.


You’d observe that the cross-sectional area of the tube is much wider than it was before putting it in the water.


In this case, water is the dilator which dilates the tube and increases the elasticity.


It is what nitrogen oxide does to your blood vessels.


The nitric oxide dilates the arteries and the nerves when they come in contact with them.


Is it right for your health?


Of course, the bloated blood vessels see to it that heart pumps the sufficient blood to the different parts of the organ which also includes your penis.


Yes, that’s how your penis operates.


It needs nitric oxide so that the elasticity and shape of the small arteries in it remain reserved and conduct the necessary blood flow.


Does this mean that getting adequate nitric oxide may alleviate erectile dysfunction?


Maybe yes and maybe no— depending on the factors of it.


If it has everything to do with your penile vessels and not the loss of libido, then nothing could help your disorder as much as nitric oxide.


So, why not add nitric oxide in our lives for handling erectile dysfunction?


Well, it’s hell yes, and so shall we look for the rich-sources which offer us enough nitric oxide.


  • Beetroot


Beetroots are a brilliant source of nitrates— the substance which goes into the body and gets converted into nitric oxide.


One of the studies demonstrated that out of all the respondents who took beetroot, as good as 21% of them observed the nitric oxide enhancement.


But we shouldn’t merely associate beetroot with nitric oxides.


They are the power-source of Potassium— the salt which ensures the fluid balance in the body, thereby controlling the cardiovascular proceedings and proper sexual functions.


  • Garlic


In one of the studies on mice, Garlic had shown the potential increment of nitric oxide by 30 to 40%.


It’s more interesting because the production occurred in less than 15 to 60 minutes of administration.


The experiment suggests that garlic triggers the nitric oxide synthase enzyme— the catalyst which helps in converting L-arginine proteins into nitric oxide.


It is also a brilliant source of vitamins and other nutrients which uplift your sexual potencies.


  • Leafy green vegetables
Leafy Green Vegetables


Leafy green vegetables are the most popular source of nitric oxide.


The study confirms that these vegetables have nitric oxide good enough to kill the free radicals and harmful chemicals in the body.


The other review reflects that the nitrate-ladened leafy vegetables offer nitric oxide to the blood and tissues.


As nitric oxide also takes care of cardiovascular activity, it indirectly controls the blood flow in your penis.


The leafy green vegetables are also stuffed with Folate which later processes into the necessary vitamin called Folic acid.


One of the anecdotes explains that a lack of folic acid causes erectile dysfunction.


  • Citrus fruit

 Citrus Fruit

Remember the golden rule— C for Citrus, and C for Vitamin C.


As Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, they lay the groundwork for the production of nitric oxide.


Vitamin C makes sure that it activates the nitric oxide synthase— the essential enzyme for the creation of nitric oxide by converting the L-arginine.


But that’s not where it halts.


Vitamin C also enhances the bioavailability of nitric oxide— it means that the body has more nitric oxide to absorb.


The higher the nitric oxide content, the better the blood circulation in the body.


There are a lot of other sources such as dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, pomegranate, etc. which give birth to nitric oxide in your body; all you have to do is— make them an essential part of your life.


The listicle doesn’t improve your condition overnight.


You will have to keep patience, and if you don’t possess it— the NO supplements might click for your health.